Modern Heroes of Lanvin

By Ruby O'Connor

A face can paint a picture, especially when the face is beautiful. Join Lanvin with photographer Stephen Meisel and dive into the second chapter of Character Studies, a campaign that was launched this past autumn with a cast of female protagonists that are the visual entities of the brand and now presents a second cast of male protagonists. Indulge yourself in le chic ultime, a concept conceived by the creator of the celebrated House that converts to ‘the ultimate chic’ find out more here in Modern Heroes of Lanvin.

Photography Steven Meisel Creative direction M/M Paris

This latest chapter acquaints the audience to a cast of male leads alongside returning Raquel Zimmermann and entails a range of intimately detailed films + portraits. Modern Heroes hones in on the freshly imagined Lanvin man and explores what he has to offer.

Photography Steven Meisel Creative direction M/M Paris

Photographed by Steven Meisel with creative direction by M/M Paris, Quintin van Konkelenberg, Alberth Johnson, Gendai Funato are the Modern Heroes of Lanvin. Modern Heroes showcases the Lanvin man expressing his intrinsic qualities parallel to the Houses core values of independence, sensuality, curiosity and discretion.

Photography Steven Meisel Creative direction M/M Paris

Timeless photography for a timeless House, Lanvin continues to outtstand and amaze in every aspect, Character studies is a perfect example of Lanvin’s excellence.

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