Molton Brown’s new perfume ‘Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel’

By Edena Klimenti

Molton Brown have an established reputation amongst cosmetic connoisseurs around the world; known for their quality in perfumery  shower gels, lotions, and shampoos that are sold in department stores all over the country.  A regular friend to those in the know and often seen in the best bathroom around town.


Molton Brown’s new collection, Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel, a fresh and elegant collection that will bring you directly to the centre of a summer paradise, surrounded by sand and sea. This light, but captivating collection has unusual and natural ingredients that construct this subtle yet attractive scent. The crisp, pale blue colour paired with the salty sea scent, also create a sense of nostalgia, transporting you to your favourite childhood beach destination.

The unique, refreshing smell comes from the unusual key ingredient, cypress oil, known as ‘blue gold.’ It is the world’s only naturally blue oil, and is distilled from a tree, creating the delicate scent which makes this perfume so appealing. The naturally blue ingredient is what produces this beautiful, vibrant colour. Once paired with the salty aroma of sea fennel, a wild plant growing on the shoreline, this perfume comes together as a fresh aroma that is overpowering for your senses and emotions.

This perfume set contains a simple, yet classic perfume bottle, along with a blue bath and shower gel, and a scented deodorant as a finishing touch. The collection not only has a memorable, unique aroma, it is also just as impressive aesthetically. The packaging is simple, sleek and blue, which resonates with the key ingredient and smells associated with the perfume.

This collection is by Carla Chabert, a master perfumer who has worked on stunning previous collections for Molton Brown. One of the most exquisite collections created by Carla Chabert is the previous Christmas collection, (2016) bringing scent and emotion together again through nostalgic scents that speak directly to our hearts.

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