Lily of the Valley

By Bella Pallett

As Eve reached up to the gleaming red apple with her outstretched hand, there was not a doubt in her mind that she wanted it. Taking her first bite, she beamed to Adam who had now joined her and was indulging in the fruit. After feasting heavily from the tree of knowledge, they laid down to rest. When they next awoke, they discovered to their horror that they had made a mistake. Main image of left Chatal

As they were expelled from the Garden of Eden, Eve started to silently cry, white-hooded tears slipping down her cheeks and fading into the earth below. As they walked out of Eden, they failed to see the beauty of the flowers silently blooming in the place of Eve’s tears. The Lily of the Valley had been born.

This is one of the many associations tied to the radiant spring flower, which envelops a feeling of joyous rebirth. Absorbing the rays of the sun, the lily of the valley omits a perfumed trail that surrounds you with its divine and luxurious scent.

In other places and different cultures, the lily of the valley is renowned for a variety of reasons and holds many different symbols such as humility, hope and joy. In German Pagan belief, the Lily of the Valley was associated with the divine goddess Ostara.

As the scent of the lilies of the valley burned, the people cheered in celebration of Ostara, the Germanic goddess of Spring and Dawn. Renowned for her humility and good blessings of fertility, it had become an annual event to celebrate and honour her at the beginning of Spring. As many lilies of the valley as possible are gathered, the white flower symbolising the goddess’s purity and humility, whilst the flower’s green leaves symbolise hope. As they go up in flames, people each throwing in their gathered bunch and rejoicing, there is a sense of not only a celebration but of new beginnings.

This also began the associated tradition of giving Lillies of the Valley to someone you love on the 1st of May, being a symbol of happiness and joy. But if you want to give someone you love the gift of this divine scent and the flowers do not happen to be in season, Acqui di Parma has you covered.

Acqui di Parma, an Italian lifestyle and fashion company, is known for its passion for creating fragrances that unravel unique narratives and embody the radiant Italian lifestyle. Colonia, the icon of the Maison and its values making it their signature scent, is the perfect example of this. Timeless and lively, this sun-filled fragrance has been used as the inspiration for the Signatures of the Sun Collection. Each fragrance in the collection is reinterpreted through Colonia, utilising the familiar ingredient and turning it into something to be experienced for the very first time as a continuous surprise.

Lily of the Valley is the latest creation, the fragrance channels the profound yet delicate flower and its divine scent, letting the beauty of the lily of the valley emerge in soft spring light. Citrus tones of bergamot and grapefruit merged with the lively notes of blackcurrant announce the first spring sunshine of which the flower blooms in. This is just the prelude to the lilies of the valley revealed in the rich floral heart of this fragrance bursting into luxurious tones of jasmine, magnolia, and geranium, whilst the enveloping tones of musk and cedarwood embrace the fragrance.

The art of the Signatures of the Sun is highlighted by the sophisticated tones of the packaging, the soft black label featuring an embossed gold logo illuminates the classic cylindrical black box. Inside is the unmistakable Art Deco bottle featuring clear glass for Lily of the Valley.

The fragrance is available in 20, 100, and 180ml measurements, and every bottle comes with a detachable dispenser for easy recycling, demonstrating the Maison’s commitment to sustainability.

The lily of the valley flower is undisputably renowned among a wide breadth of cultures, ranging from being created by Eve’s tears to being thrown in fires to honour Ostara, or simply gifting someone you love a bunch as a symbol of happiness. But one thing that always remains the same is the flowers glorious scent that is guaranteed to leave you feeling divine.

So why wouldn’t a scent built around the Lily of the Valley’s glory not be wonderful; especially when in the hands of master craftspeople like Acqua di Parma?

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