More is More

By Bella Pallett

Less is more, or so they said. In fashion in the 90s, less is more was a big thing, a stripped back look so simple it almost became boring, but now thankfully fashion has evolved. Now, more is more. Think bright colours, bold patterns and big silhouettes.

More is more is not only just about lots of bold shapes, tones and colours, it can also be explored through jewellery. A collaboration where multiple people come together and combine their creative skills and diversity is a wonderful way to get the ‘most’ from a more is more aesthetic.  

When you play with jewellery, matching pieces together like a jigsaw can create endless variations so that you never get bored of the same pieces. They work together in unity, complementing each other and giving opportunity for multi-faceted trinkets. 

Orelia, the luxurious jewellery brand that began in 2008, has launched its first-ever collaboration with successful TV presenter and journalist, Vick Hope. Believing that more is more, this collaboration opens a treasure trove of beautiful jewellery with a range of styles, so whether you like silver or gold, jewels or pearls, chunky or thin, there is plenty to fall in love with.

Featuring 5 edits comprised by Vick Hope using pieces from Orelia’s Autumn 2021 collection, there is certainly a style for everyone. Created with a multitude of different tastes in mind, there are endless variations and choices.

By layering jewellery such as bracelets and necklaces, it is possible to create striking compositions that are entirely unique. Simply by placing various chains on top of each other that have varying lengths, thicknesses and patterns, it is possible to create something that is personal and distinctive.

Through collaborating with Orelia, Vick Hope has put together her own collection of pieces that are perfect for layering in her edit Vick Owns Layering. She explains how layering is an art form; by playing with various pieces you can find a multitude of ways that they can fit together. 

By mixing a variety of fine and chunky chains whilst also mixing metals, you can use layering to create a bold piece of artwork on your neck or wrist. By taking numerous beautifully crafted pieces of jewellery, you can adorn yourself more and more. In the edits Vick Makes A Statement and Vick Discovers Silver, Vick explores how the bolder you can be the better as more is more when it comes to layering.

She once hated layering as her chains would get tangled up, she owes the newfound love to Orelia’s necklace separator. The amazing separator prevents any tangling of chains and stops the clasps from slipping round to the front of the neck, and to make life even easier the separator allows you to take off all necklaces at once.

With the edit Vick & LUXE, you are presented with a hand-picked collection of 18k gold plate pieces that are designed to last forever. Including the new engravement feature that is available on selected pieces, Orelia has made it possible to personalise your very own distinctive look even further. 

In her final edit, Vick Does Pearl, she has selected pieces that are stylish and modern to help you elevate your jewellery collection. Consisting of solely gold pieces, Vick comments on how the iridescent glow perfectly complements the gold tones of the jewellery to feel even more luxurious. 

More is more can be explored via jewellery so if multiple layers of clothes, bold patterns and colours are a little too much, a layered selection of jewellery is a different route that can be explored in a fun and personal way.  

By expanding your jewellery collection with new pieces that can be endlessly paired to create hundreds of looks, more is more when it comes to layering.

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