More Joy Toes

By Jo Phillips

One of the great exports from the sultry sexy and vibrant land of Brazil is the Flip Flop of all Flip Flops. In this world, there is only one name worth wearing; Havaianas. And this season they come with a little more added joy, find out more In More Joy Toes.

At this time in the world who doesn’t want a little bit more joy? Thanks to designer Christopher Kane and a new collaboration with Havaianas we all can.

Founded in 2019, More Joy is a collection that is the fearless and relatable counterpart to mainline fashion from Christopher Kane; an inclusive and hopeful articulation of the same vision.

The More Joy collection is positioned to service a generation faced with a new global crisis shaping how they feel and behave; a socially conscious generation inheriting a planet under pressure. More Joy is their release offering a sense of hope about where they’re heading.

As designers, we know the things, we surround ourselves with have a significant impact on our lives. As people, we’ve learned positivity becomes a state of mind with daily affirmations. More Joy promotes the realisation of higher ideals.”

Christopher and Tammy Kane

Two iconic brands come together here to bring an extra level of joy with the collection consisting of 2 models on the iconic TOP shape from Havaianas. This collaboration with Kane’s More Joy label brings two styles of flip-flops very soon. Both with a black background one with a red foot giving a V sign with the toes the other the same but from a white foot; a little bit of cheeky humour as would be expected by Kane.

These bold, fun and irreverent prints echo both the Brazilian spirit with over 400 designs being made of 40 years and the iconic nature of the More Joy collections, both bring a lightness of touch with a little dark humour. Long may it last

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