Musical Juice

By Jo Phillips

Italian perfume brand Jusbox created every single fragrance around a musical style; a celebration of where scent and music meet. Both do share a similar quality that of memory, deep and subconscious in a way we are not always so aware. A fragrance like a sound can without any conscious thought can take us to a place a person a moment in time. Both evoke intense feelings and emotions tied to all parts and people in our lives. So it makes sense that they met together in this very creative brand started by brother and sister duo Andrea and Chiara Valdo. This article Musical Juice explores Jusbox the perfume brand where and where music and fragrance meet in emotion 

The brand even says Music is, in fact, the inspiring muse of all our creations.


Siren & Sailers Amy Winehouse  – You know I’m not good

Golden Serenade – Chattanooga Choo Choo – Glenn Miller Orchestra

Cheeky Smile – We are phuture  – Phuture, Sidney Charles Remix

No Rules – London Calling – The Clash

Green Bubble – Is this love – Bob Marley

Feather Supreme – Think – Aretha Franklin

Live ‘N’ Loud – Firestarter – The Prodigy

Feel “N’ Chill – Amerimacka – Thievery Corporation

Beat CafĂ© –  The times they are a-changin – Bob Dylan

14hr Dream – Astronomy Domine – Pink Floyd

Use Abuse – Don’t Stop Me now – Queen

Micro Love –  the Fly – U2

Black Powder – Come As You Are – Nirvana

Available at Selfridges online or directly at their website Jusbox

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