Myriad of Fashion

By Rebecca McNelly-Tilford

Hybrid our word of the month is a combination of two different things meeting. It is a trend we will only see more of from clashing colours, prints, textures and patterns and even silhouettes all within one garment. A mixture of art and textiles come together to create bold and beautiful collections.

Collage artworks by Angeliki Blesiou

Baracuta & Engineered Garments

This collection in collaboration with Daiki Suzuki that takes material research to a new innovation. Creating waterproof garments that are light-weight creating Avant-guard outerwear that is a perfect fusion of UK and US.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen created a hybrid knitwear in both mens and womens wear collections. Creating staples that are cut/ pieced, pacthed and spliced together to create a new inentive signature.

As well as knitwear, tailoring can be seen reinvented, fusing together multiple fabric choices, cuts, with attention on proportion again in both the men’s and womenswear collection resulting in a hybrid of tailored garments.

Lacoste x Maison Lemarie

Lacoste collaborated with Maison Lemarie to created a unisex sweatshirt that features elements of embroidery, applique keeping upcycling at the heart. This results in a hybrid of deadstock materials, vintage details all coming together to create a new classic creation.

Maison Laponte

This SS21 collection from Maison Laponte is a true example of expression. Clashing together prints and textures that make a hybrid of wearable statement pieces, injections of traditionally feminine styles like skirts, and pleats are also showcased. As stated by the Maison team themselves ‘Hybrid and fluid garments create refined layering pervaded by ironic refinement. This collection aims to combine the romanticism that disguises the Laponte woman with the eccentricity of the man’

Stefan Cooke

SS21 from Stefan Cooke is a combination of textile techniques, multiple clashing textures within fabrics as well exploring the ‘expected function of decoration: buttons a re-cutting leitmotif since the inception of the brand are once again prominent in a playoff of faux v function.’

Acne Studio

The SS21 collection from Acne Studio is a beautiful blur of textures and materials. Fabric weights, textures, grains and weaves all come together to create a unique silhouette. Tailoring is combined with slouch details to create a hybrid of different structures. ‘The collection represents a place that obeys its own logic and is centred around free gathering and the transition of time.’

Harris Reed

This collection from Harris Reed is full of extreme silhouettes, beautiful textures and a performance of everyday opulence. Inspiration draws from Henry Paget, who was celebrated for his eccentricity, this hybrid combination of historical elements and modern day vision creates a bold statement of self-expression.


The SS21 collection from Missioni is a celebration of colour, pattern and texture. Geometric patterns contrast unusual textures while knitwear, silhouettes of high silt and cropped details, and layering come together to create a spontaneous bold collection.

Matty Bovan

Another designer who took historical silhouette element. From the Tudors, to Elizabeth the first, to modern day, Matty Bovan is a master of combination elements, you could say the king of hybrid. Patchworks are purposely wonky and structures are warped all piled together with bright colours and prints, with the ideal of slow production and home-crafting at the heart.

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

The SS21 collection takes inspiration from Kintsugi – Japanese art that takes something broken and putting it back together to make something new. The collection is filled with clashes of prints, colours and textures all from repurposed fabrics.

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