Natural Juice

By Noemie Hamon

We always go back to nature. We created cities and based our creations on modernisation. However, in the last decades, nature has taken back her power. We return to the countryside, we think ecologically, we use more and more reusable and natural resources in our creations. There are so many natural aspects in our lives now that it looks like nature grows up around us in a material way. In perfumery, nature is even more important because it is an endless source of ideas. Discover more about how a perfume can take advantage of the true materials in Natural Juice. Main Image Jason Yates.

In 2021, nature is more important than ever. In our society, Nature plays an increasingly significant role in perfumery. Some perfumers decided to fight the ‘artificial’ image of perfumes and give them a more natural and environmentally friendly side.

Do you know Ikon? Ikon is a brand that has created six perfumes. What makes this brand and its perfumes specials? The way they integrated the perfumery industry. They created their perfumes from A to Z in a natural way. They created perfumes that would respect the natural earth and highlight some of the most beautiful elements we can find in it. It results in perfumes that are natural, responsible, elegant, vegan and responsibly sourced.

The first decision of the brand was to highlight bottles made from lighter and durable glass covered by Manchurian ash wood caps. Even the packaging was created to protect nature as it is recycled, recyclable and encased in compostable cardboard boxes. The brand, which is socially responsible, uses environmentally sourced ingredients.

Let’s discover the six elixirs of this brand two by two. The first duo is the Ikons 807 and 910. The 807 has an exotic sensual scent made of rosewood cardamom and neroli. But if you wait you will discover the delicious Jasmine, Saffron and Patchouli alongside Vanilla Musk and Amber. However, the 910 is described as ‘Bold and spirited’ with its apple, bergamot and grapefruit highlighted by Jasmine Magnolia and Orange Blossom. Without forgetting the base of Amber, Moss and Musk.

Then, the 914 top notes are Bergamot, Lime and Tagete and a base of Amber, Ambergris and Cedarwood. What makes it a complex and incandescent scent? The Fir Balsam and the Jasmin associated with Oud. The 906 stands out for its fascinating and dramatic scent, what a temptation. First, you will smell Nutmeg, Black Pepper and Red Fruits, quickly catch up with Jasmine, Tuberose and Ylang. What makes it irresistible? The base of Amber, Musk and Patchouli.

Let’s continue our natural trip with the Ikon 709. The 709 is like a morning coffee that you drink before starting to work. It is a dark scent that allows a moment of euphoria. Why dark? Because coffee is linked to Tobacco, Incense and Aromatic herbs. All these ingredients are highlighted by the Exotic Woods, Patchouli and Amber base. The last one, the 511 is a real addictive fantasy. Cardamom, Carrot, Elemi, Jasmin, Lily of the Valley, Orris, Dry Amber, Musk and Nagamortha. These are all the ingredients of the perfume. It results in a fantastic intoxicating and alluring perfume.

Ikon is a brand that changes the way we see nature and perfumery. They use nature in so many ways, nature is at the very basis of their perfumes. Nature has so much to offer us, we must protect it.

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You can find the IKON perfumes here.

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