The Forbidden Fruit

By Noemie Hamon

The forbidden fruit is often referred to as an apple, but in the Bible, it is the Latin word pomum which is used to describe this tempting fruit. Pomum signifies ‘fruit’ but looks like the French word ‘pomme’ which means ‘apple’. Therefore, many European artists illustrated the forbidden fruit as an apple. However, in some occidental countries, this forbidden fruit is seen as a fig, a pomegranate, and even a pear. Dare discover the scent behind this forbidden fruit in The Forbidden Fruit. Main Image Jason Yates.

The fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, the fruit that allows you to tell the difference, so what smell do you imagine? This fruit is hanging in a tree, swaying in the wind. It’s robust, but the flesh looks tender.

The tree is bathed in light. The sky designates a halo around it, summer seems to invade it. Enter this halo, these sun rays illuminate everything. The scents intertwine; a mix between flowers, forest, and fruits. Everything needed to feel the joy of summer.

The Virgin with Pear – Albrecht Dürer

Reach out and grab this forbidden fruit, but what is it? Even with our eyes closed, everybody can smell it, its odour so familiar. It immediately reminds of familial afternoons in the garden in summer, for those that lived by fruit trees. Here especially the Pear Tree.

The ripe and juicy pear sways in the gentle breeze. Its shape is so familiar, but yet seems so strange; as if its weight pulls it down. It is so delicate and shiny. Its light green suits it perfectly.

So a scent brand picked this forbidden fruit and transformed it into perfume, one, so utterly charming, that everybody will fall in love with it. Juliette has a gun is the brand that has managed to capture the fragrance of pears and turn it into a perfume. ‘Pear Inc.’ is their last innovative ‘juice’, inspired by a magestic summer.

Described as ‘an improvised lunch underneath the pergola, the sound of laughter, a water bomb playfully exploding, a finger dipped into a jar of jam’, this perfume is a concentrate of summer gourmet memories.

However, what is inside Pear Inc.? Pear obviously, even if this ingredient is rare in perfumery. It is combined here with Musk that gives character to the perfume and finally with Ambroxan, a molecule that allows sensuality and for a long-lasting life to the fragrance.

Be brave and go for this forbidden fruit.

You can find the Pear Inc. on Juliette has a gun website, here.

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