Neroli Shirt

By Jo Phillips

Many of us may well be lucky enough to know that wonderful feeling of putting on a clean, freshly laundered, crisp white shirt. The feeling of sharp fresh cotton as its glides across your skin. Or maybe you are more about the simple white t-shirt? A feeling of both crunchy yet soft white cotton. You could go so far as to say that these unique feelings have a sound and even a scent. Read more here in Neroli Shirt because  “Sometimes the hardest thing is simplicity.”

Well, it seems those of us that know that feeling are not alone, or alone in thinking that these ubiquitous pieces of clothing have a scent. The fashion brand Sunspel has explored exactly that in its second fragrance,  Neroli Sun. They describe it as ” capturing the essence of a carefree, sun-dappled English summer”.

The perfume the second in the brand’s history (the first being Oak Wood 2019) has been created by internationally renowned nose Lynn Harris who said of the fragrance that the inspiration behind it is the humble but iconic Sunspel t-shirt.

“Whenever I put on a Sunspel tee, it feels so effortlessly elegant – that’s what I wanted to capture in this fragrance. I knew I wanted a happy, uplifting cologne, but Sunspel is all about impeccable detail, roundedness, and balance, so I knew Neroli Sun needed to embody that. There is cheerful neroli, sunny bitter orange, and classic petitgrain, but I infused them with herbs to make Neroli Sun more English and characterful.”

Sunspel is known for its beautiful, everyday clothing that forms the foundation of a modern luxury wardrobe. Known for caring about where they source materials from, the people they work with, and the quality of everything they do. Think of the brand in terms of everyday luxury essentials, that remarkably, started out in 1860.

Clothes that last, using natural, organic, and recyclable materials whenever possible build around tradition, history, and craft; where past meets future.

So where does the white t-shirt or shirt meet a perfume? Start with the idea of paring down to the right set of details, the brand talks of Neroli Sun as warm skin in a fresh white shirt; a seemingly effortless balance of the breezy and cheering with the characterful and distinctive.  

Opening at the top with bright fresh citrus alive and clear, including neroli, sunny bitter orange, and classic petitgrain moving into very British scents of aromatic green rosemary herby lavender with sweet-spicy, green and musky magical angelica, which falls finally into rooty vetiver and patchouli with a final flourish of seascape with delicious seamoss.

Each layer gently rises off warmed skin aligning a cleanness of fresh cotton with soft sunshine. Bottled in keeping with the brand’s luxury simplicity in a bottle of clean lines and modern design, made for both men and women. The English summertime bottled. a happy, uplifting cologne, but Sunspel is all about impeccable detail, roundedness and balance.


Avaliable 15th April it.Sunspel the brand Here

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