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By Jo Phillips

Swatch is calling upon artists from all 194 countries to unleash their innovative energy to create a canvas that celebrates their country. Stereotypes, fun facts, historical moments, landmarks, visual elements: Anything works, provided it is an original creation. Get your talent out from into the world.

The deadline to submit artworks is August 8, and in the end, Swatch will carefully choose one canvas/one artist from every single country in the world; 194 artworks that will generate endless possibilities for unique watches, thanks to the amazing Swatch X You concept.

More information and registration here:

But that is not all the Swatch news. The brand has just opened its debut ew store in London iconic Covent Garden.

This former flower and fruit market is now a famous fashion, culture and entertainment hub, provides the perfect environment for the innovative watch brand to showcase its colourful collections, combining unique design with Swiss quality, in fitting style. An immersive design has been specially created by Swatch opening on 25 June 2021.

The store showcases over 300 different watch styles including commemorative limited edition, including its site-specific watch 193 APPLES AND PEARS, and all the latest BIOCERAMIC creations.

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