Newness by Serge

By Lysandre Leconte

The Multi-talented Serge Lutens hasn’t finished surprising us. Born during the Second World War, this famous French creative within the fashion and beauty industry, photographer, and perfume creator has always been guided by his greatest passion; fashion. After his first job as a hairdresser in France at the age of 14, he began to appreciate within beauty and fashion. It was a revelation for him. Then, he became interested in make-up and photography. And that was the beginning of his great destiny. Find out more here about his next piece of magic in Newness by Serge

Working with the Japanese brand Shiseido, allowing it to become known internationally, collaborating with the greatest photographers such as Bob Richardson or Richard Avedon but also with Vogue and Christian Dior, Serge Lutens knew how to distinguish himself and affirm his tastes and choices signified by elegance and refinement.

In 1982, working with Shiseido, Serge Lutens had the opportunity to start in the fragrance industry. He created a famous perfume, “Nombre Noir”, which was deserving of its reputation and allowed his place in history as one of only a few niche perfume creators. Inspired by his travels, particularly in Morocco and Japan, which he expressed through this delicate scent; fragrance from countries rich in culture and history. His perfumes have been enhancing the personality of many for decades. So why not give in to temptation with his latest offering.

At the age of 80, this renowned perfume creator is once again showing his creativity. A fresh wind is blowing through his creations. His passion is once again reflected in the “MATIN LUTENS Collection”.

A new line of exclusive products created by him, specially designed for our morning routines. A great way to start the day in a joyful and relaxing mood. The collection is made up of three cleansing gels and three Eau de Parfum.

Imagine a world where you return to your childhood and your memories of time spent in your bath. Let yourself be transported by the tender sweetness of this refreshing and enchanting routine.
Immerse yourself in a comforting, soft, and peaceful daily routine, awaken your senses and be calm, soothed, and in harmony with yourself. This delicate range will enliven your morning to start your day on the sweetest note.

Find three different fragrances available. Each of them characterise different aspects of freshness; pure, aromatic, and invigorating. All of the scents are available in both body wash and perfume. The three scents are:

L’Eau Serge Lutens
Want to feel clean and smell the delicate scent of white musk, aldehydes, and clary sage? Pure and natural, l’eau Serge Lutens fits perfectly into a luxurious, elegant, and worthy universe. A sign of freshness and refinement, this is an undeniable choice.

Parole d’eau
Dive into the depth and intimacy of Parole d’eau. For thousands of years, water has been a natural element in history. Essential and infinite, it is the symbol of spirituality and is necessary for life. A perfume bearing its name can only be eternal. In the heart of Parole d’eau, discover the scents of intense lemon zest, powerful pine needles, and sweet eucalyptus leaves. Profound, relaxing, and perpetual, this novelty is a sign of vitality.

Dans le bleu qui pétille
Immerse yourself in an underwater universe, listen to the sea and the ocean, let yourself be lulled by the waves, the sun, and the scents of this subtle perfume of laminar algae, sea spray, and coriander seeds. Pleasant, sunny, and bubbly, sensuality and serenity are the ingredients. A desire summer and beach, try it.

These Eau de Parfum marry very well with the cleansing body and hand gel. Designed to accompany your morning routine from the moment you wake up. Start with the wash and finish with the perfumes to carry the scent with you through the day.

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