Spice Your Senses

By Aurégane Denis

Fancy a quick trip to South Asia? Travelling may be inconvenient for you right now so let us guide you on a journey via the expressive mind of a perfume nose. We have many stops during our adventure and we may find some golden treasure whilst there, but may not be what you are expecting? It isn’t something shiny like jewels made of diamonds and sapphires but something rare and expensive; gifts from mother earth.  One of the rarest spices from mother nature is golden-red Saffron. The golden threads of the crocus flower come to life in abundance in these lands we are travelling to. So, let’s learn from the comfort of our seats and explore this luxurious spice, known throughout the world for its taste but utilised so beautifully in perfume. Find out more in Spice Your Senses

Take a seat on our flight to find our golden spice. Where will our plane land? Well, If we mention the shinny Golden temple or the Buddhist philosophy you may guess that India is our first destination. There, between many spices like curry leaf or cumin marvellously grows saffron. As strange as it may seem, this precious cooking ingredient isn’t only exquisite on the plate. But let’s not spoil the mysterious product yet and continue our journey to the end of the day until the flaming sun goes down in the sky.

What better way to end the day than by relaxing by watching the sky turn itself into a mesmerising, free of charge, colourful and natural show. 

Don’t you love a warm sunset? The kind of sunset in the middle of summer that warms your skin just enough without burning It. From pink to orange the colours dance together in perfect harmony  to offer us a memorable spectacle. In your minds eye what does this colour remind you of? May it be the beautiful stone that is Amber? Soft warm and orange coloured yet strong as stone, clear as glass. It is truly heartwarming and intensely powerful. 

The utterly desirable Saffron and burning tones of Amber have been a source of inspiration for some courageous minds; some risked here for example, by blending these two strong elements to feed our inside’s most guttural desires and our sense of smell with tempting fragrances.

By using a rare ingredient such as saffron, allows the nose a refreshing take for a new fragrance. The Eau de Parfum Ambre Safrano by the Fragrance creation house BDK perfumes has gone on the above journey and captured it in a bottle.

Close your eyes and let the seductive sent transport you with the warm tones of the sweet Madagascar Vanilla extract, the sensuality of the Absolute Rose of Turkey and of course, the surprising golden tones of Saffron. 

Such a rare spice in the field of perfumery means we are now discovering some exquisite new scents with Saffron. Acqua Di Parma also explored this divine spice and gives it a mysterious and nearly magical twist in their latest fragrance.

Their new elixir, zafferano, captures this golden thread and our curiosity, by bottling it ready for our skin rather than on the tip of our tongue.

In this one perfume made by Acqua di Parma, expect to meet a mix between spicy and woody scent. The Jasmine Sambac and Geranium Rose will play the sweet roles in this adventure. At the same time, Saffron and Orange blossom will add character and pleasing warming tones to this essence. 

Bringing both arts of luxury cooking and perfumery generates these mystical mixtures. Saffron is the magic touch to these pieces of art that are perfumes. In this story of the quest for new scents, Saffron is the main conquerer, that these perfumers choose to highlight.

Saffron is known for being one of the rarest spices, and so it is considered almost inaccessible; a luxurious desire. The choice of spice in a scent may sound risky but in the end it’s so worth it when you find perfumes as exciting as these. The human desire is always the urge to break every rule and abandon safety. Looking for newness he travels wide, explore, even if only in the mind, and let oneself to be drawn into spicy temptation. And why not? 

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