News: Fashion and Art on Regent Street

By Jo Phillips

September is the start of many things: autumn, school and the like. However, it holds a special place in the cultural calendar- think Fashion Month and Design Month. Now at the start of the busy month, we have two exciting, upcoming events that are a mash-up of fashion, art, culture…all on one of London’s most famous shopping streets! REGENT STREET 1- Clym Evernden (Custom) Style Sketch Show – For one day only, fashion-inspired artist Clym Evernden will visit shops on Regent Street. Once there, he will be capturing the style of shoppers in ten-minute illustrations. This event combines the best of art, illustration and street style. Everden, an award-winning artist known for his colourful ink-based style, has worked with Net-a-Porter, Louis Vuitton and Moët Hennessey. The Style Sketch Show is on Saturday 3rd September 2016, so expect to see Clym in stores like Kate Spade, Karl Lagerfeld and Anthropologie. For more information click here.

Liberty with Architecture Social Club 01 (Custom)

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Windows – Another event on Regent Street is the RIBA Windows Project, which pairs RIBA architects with luxury retailer to create architectural installations in shop windows along the street. This year the event extends beyond Regent Street with the RIBA offices on Portland Place and Liberty on Great Marlborough Street. This event is an infusion of both design and fashion, which often go hand in hand, as the retailer and the architect work together to create something that represents the company. The designed windows are sure to draw in customers and enhance the overall customer experience. Some of the collaborations include Molton Brown with Knox Bhavan & Susie MacMurray, Armani Exchange with Matheson Whiteley and Liberty with Architecture Social Club. This event is from 5th September- 25th September. To find out more, click here.

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