News: Summer Cultural Events at Le Méridien Hotel

By Jo Phillips

Recently, world culture has seeped its influence into the Le Méridien Hotel brand, as seen through the hotel’s induction of both Summer Soiréesand Follow Me. These events both incorporate different cultures from around the world, diversifying the brand.

Firstly, the Le Méridien Hotel based in Piccadilly, London has partnered with the Le Méridien Hotel in Nice to bring the luxury of the South of France to London this summer. Through their Summer Soirées this hotel has presented French inspired food, music, and activities to evoke the relaxing essence of Nice. For example, when walking into a Summer Soirée it is easy to feel transported to the South of France, as the event-space resembles the location so well. From deckchairs to parasails, Nice is fully captured.


Once arriving, guests may eat/drink specially made French food and drinks, created by the executive chefs at the hotels in Piccadilly and Nice.


After enjoying a drink and a delicious Niçois dish, guests may play pétanque, a French game, both alone or with friends!


Lastly, guests may listen to French band “Nouvelle Vague” play their unique, lively music while enjoying food, drinks, and games.


This event allows for residents at the Le Méridien in London to enjoy different foods, music, and the overall culture of France this summer. However, the Summer Soirées aren’t the only way Le Méridien guests can experience a different way of life. Photographer Gray Malin has teamed up with the hotel brand in order to immerse patrons in cultures from across the globe. From Barcelona to Bhutan to Bora Bora, guests will be able to view hidden, unique vacation spots in their very own hotel through the project, Follow Me.


Follow Me, previewing this summer, is a multi-faceted program that uses Malin’s images from all 7 continents on simple items, such as key cards, but also on more unique components, such as in a video art installation. In this installation, found at Le Méridien’s everywhere, Malin presents 24/7 footage from his shoots and even includes behind-the-scenes features.


Not only are Malin’s images stunning, but they are thought-provoking. Events such as these allow for guests and hotels to become culturally sound.

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