OBAYATY: Crafting Confidence and Individuality in a World of Beauty

By Likhitha Kommu

In the soft glow of a dimly lit apartment, a captivating energy wafted through the air. Picture a group of gentlemen, each discreetly intrigued by the mystique of their partner’s beauty rituals. One leisurely evening, fuelled by curiosity, a clandestine operation unfolds. With muffled laughter and furtive glances, they borrowed a few drops of serums, a dollop of moisturizer, and even ventured into the secret realm of, cover sticks, and nail polish. Unbeknownst to their significant others, the men reveled in the forbidden pleasure of pampering their skin with silky textures. It was a covert affair, a rendezvous with the forbidden fruit of skincare routines designed, this time, for specifically their gender. As they exchanged knowing glances and chuckled at their stealthy exploits, the air crackled with a sense of, transcending mere cream and lotions borrowed.

The mischief peaked when the gentlemen discovered the transformative magic of a subtle touch of concealer, a contour aiding cheek definition. The mirror became their conspirator, reflecting cheeky grins and newfound confidence. Amidst this secret indulgence, a playful rebellion against traditional norms emerged. What began as a harmless escapade into the forbidden beauty troves of the women in their lives, lovers, sisters mothers, transformed into a liberating celebration of sensuality, leaving a trail of laughter and a hint of mischievous allure lingering in the air.

Enter OBAYATY, a groundbreaking brand weaving innovation, luxury, and well-being into the fabric of men’s beauty. Defying conventions with a contemporary and inclusive approach to masculinity.

OBAYATY offers meticulously crafted skincare and cosmetics for men. Rooted in quality and sustainability, the brand embraces conscious materials, custom formulas, and a refillable system, adhering to ECHA standards and an extended blacklist.

Co-founded by Anna, a leader with a diverse career in leadership and philanthropy, OBAYATY aims to inspire and empower men, challenging industry norms with a focus on ethics and sustainability.

Lajjo, another of the Co-founders, emphasizes inclusivity and adaptability, while Pontus, the creative director, draws from three decades of experience to redefine beauty norms. Together, they shape a brand that transcends traditional boundaries, promoting well-being and self-expression.

OBAYATY’s packaging is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity. Designed to be entirely refillable, the package embodies a masculine aesthetic that seamlessly fits into any man’s lifestyle without a hint of embarrassment. The stylish case exudes masculine sophistication, allowing it to confidently rest on any desk.

Enveloped in an aura of opulence, the product packaging exudes an exquisite fusion of sleek modernity and timeless luxury. A dance of rich brown and commanding black hues adorns the metallic case, transforming it into a masterpiece of sophistication. Its glossy exterior whispers secrets of indulgence, akin to a hidden treasure waiting to be unveiled. The tactile experience is sublime, with secure closures that guard the precious contents within, and user-friendly openings that invite exploration. This packaging transcends the conventional, evoking a sense of mystery reminiscent of a clandestine affair, as if concealing not cosmetics but the essence of allure itself.

Introducing the OBAYATY Eye Pen; a poetic invitation for self-expression. This multifunctional colour pen, with its creamy texture, glides effortlessly on both eyes and cheeks. Infused with shea butter, natural waxes, and Vitamin E, the formula not only enhances skin but also moisturizes and soothes. With shades like Black, Neo Oxide, Purple Haze, Silver Shadow, and Smoke Screen, this pen unlocks endless possibilities for artistic self-expression.

But the story doesn’t end there. OBAYATY’s Face Contour Stick is a versatile masterpiece, enriching facial features with its buildable, blendable, and creamy texture. With ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Bisabolol, and Pistacia Lentiscus, it not only contours but also cares for skin, offering a natural sun-kissed glow that elevates self-confidence and builds enhanced form to the face.

In the world of OBAYATY, the illuminating Stick is a luminescent dream; a buildable blend that not only highlights but also nurtures the skin, leaving a radiant glow. With pearl blend, jojoba oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, hyaluronic acid, and porcelain flower, this stick offers a three-dimensional effect that brightens and illuminates, creating a holographic finish that captivates.

The daily lip balm collection infused with active hemp oil CBD formula is a symphony for the lips. Soothing, enhancing and anti-rouge, each balm, with its blend of vegetable waxes and oils, delivers not just lip care but an experience of luxury. And on the fingertips of these gentlemen, it becomes a secret language of self-love.

Enter the world of colour with OBAYATY’s Nail Colour and Brightener; a conscious creation minimizing conventional solvents. With citric acid, Vitamin E, lemon extract, and linden extract, these products redefine nail care, offering a groomed lock with every stroke.

The Retouch Stick, a unique concealer, becomes a tool for subtle transformations. Enriched with camelina sativa seed oil and thyme, it effortlessly blends, creating an even complexion that not only conceals but also cares. The microporous structure of silica and diatomaceous earth adds an element of luxury, providing high absorbency for sebum control.

And finally, the Eye Booster; an elixir for tired eyes. In five adaptive shades, this light-textured, tinted eye cream revitalizes, cools, and moisturizes. With caffeine, cornflower, prickly pear, and a five-Hyaluronic Acid Complex, it’s a potion that addresses puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines, unveiling an enhanced eye contour.

The story of OBAYATY is one of clandestine indulgence, rebellion against norms, and a celebration of sensuality; an invitation for every man to embrace confidence and individuality in a world that defies traditional boundaries. Make that acts at the same time as healing skin products.

The brand, with its innovative and luxurious offerings, invites every man to embrace confidence and individuality in the realm of beauty. This is a tale of men navigating the forbidden troves of beauty, and discovering the brushstroke to paint on their own canvas; one of personal well-being. Also, this male-orientated brand can be shared with the women in their lives, so no more sneaking around.

Learn more about Obayaty here.

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