Of Comfort

By Lauren Tighe

During the last couple of years, we have learned more about the importance of self-care, whether that be physically, mentally, or hormonally. In ‘Of Comfort’ we take a glance at how brands like MPowder, The LULO Project, and Sunday of London, are shaking things up in the world of wellbeing, sourcing only the best and most eco-conscious resources for their products.

The LULO Project

Women’s hormones, particularly the menopause; a topic often overlooked or bastardised by the media, is what led founder, Rebekah Brown to launch MPowder. Rebekah’s own frustrating search for medical advice and natural solutions to her perimenopausal symptoms, ignited her curiosity and drive. Having noticed the lack of research and natural remedies, MPowder was born in 2019 to provide natural solutions for women in the same boat, helping to nourish and guide them during the 3 bio-chemical changes of menopause.

MPowder Peri-Boost & Meno-Boost

Rebekah has worked with a team of menopause specialists including scientists, naturopaths, and herbalists to develop MPowder’s plant-based powder formula. Though science is at the core of what MPowder do, women’s real-life experience is at the heart of the brand; each formula is tested with women to verify its impact and to iterate based on feedback for the best results. This is a company that gives the customer a voice and acts on their feedback. MPowder offer 3 different powder formulas for the 3 biochemical stages of menopause: Peri-boost, Meno-boost, and Post-boost. To find out more about MPowder and how their supplements can enhance your nutrition during this transition click Here.

MPowder Peri-Boost, Meno-Boost & Post-Boost

When you are not feeling 100%, physical comfort is just as important as nutritional enrichment. The LULO Project (TLP) takes comfort to a new level, gone are the days for choosing between glamour and comfort.

The LULO Project

TLP provides transitional loungewear that refuses to be limited to sweatpants and hoodies, their aim is to redefine the confines of “comfortable” as a fashionable effortlessly chic alternative that can be worn inside or outside.

The LULO Project

Each garment is designed and crafted to make the wearer feel “at home” but still vibrant with refreshing colour pallets and bold exotic prints. TLP follows five core values: Comfort, Chic, Diversity, Inclusiveness, and Sustainability.

The LULO Project

heir values are proven through their actions with 50% of their materials made from natural or sustainable sources, and the style and fit of their garments reflect diversity in cultures, sizes, and tastes. To see their collections click Here.

The LULO Project

Lastly, a self-care routine cannot be complete without a candle. Candles are the ultimate mini pick-me-up regardless of the season, in-fact they are often used as part of a meditation routine to provide the mind with something to focus on, i.e. the flicker of the candle flame. The scent is also an important element, using a candle with natural herbs and essential oils will provide you with aromatherapy, a soothing mental and physical therapy that dates back to ancient civilisations.

Sunday of London Botanical Candles

Sunday of London’s story began in a little mountainous town, where the family handpicked wild herbs and botanicals to make healing salves, teas, and soaps for the locals. Fast forward and now they are based in Hackney Wick, handcrafting home fragrance and candles with the same ethos guiding them. Every element used to create their mists, diffusers, and candles are naturally sourced, and completely free from synthetic perfumes and paraffin. This is all to provide the healthiest and most effective aromatherapy that is kind to our bodies and our planet.

Sunday of London ‘Beyond the Pines’

 They currently offer seven different candle scents, each using aromatherapy grade essential oils, made in the UK with pure cotton wicks, and completely vegan, cruelty-free, and GMO-free. Their range of seven scents provide you with an individual mood enhancing experience for each occasion. ‘Beyond the Pines’ invokes a peaceful yet energising essence; pine needle and eucalyptus give you woody notes that create a fresh forest feeling, whilst lime, tea tree and peppermint cleanse your mind. ‘Midnight (somewhere)’ transports you to dusky candle-lit garden dinners in the South of France; undertones of lavender and the bittersweet qualities of orange peel and rose geranium lull you into an addictively hypnotic relaxation.

‘Rooftop Garden’ takes inspiration from the brand’s own urban heaven, providing stillness amidst the city bustle; earthy tones of basil and thyme entwine with lavender and ylang-ylang to keep you grounded amidst the vibrant bursts of bergamot. ‘Riad’ uplifts you with scents that create your own exotic sanctuary; cardamom, rose, and grapefruit capture the natural beauty of North Africa, whilst Cypress bark (an ancient cure for anxiety) relives your tensions of the day, and Cedarwood purifies and grounds you. ‘Céleste’ encapsulates you in tropical tranquillity, opening the mind and the senses; jasmine, rose, and bergamot restore and balance the body, whilst patchouli and warm amber embrace you.

Sunday of London ‘Midnight (somewhere)’

‘Memento Mori’ engulfs you in the power and mystery of the sea and coastline; notes of coriander and fennel approach and combine with deep rich oakmoss, embodying crisp salty waves crashing against seaweed and mossy rocks. Spiritually grounding frankincense and heavy vetiver, patchouli, and smoky juniper tar conjure nostalgic memories of evening driftwood fires on abandoned shores. ‘Nocturne’ takes you back in time to the wisdom of ancient landscapes and myths; Palo Santo and sage provide and spiritual healing energy, whilst Juniper, birch tar, vetiver, and rosewood cleanse and energise. Top notes of neroli orange blossom deeply mesmerises.

Though we live in a busy fast-paced society that tends to “burn the candle at both ends”, taking time out or finding ways to fit “me time” into our daily routines enables us to perform at out best. Wearing clothes that we feel comfortable in, enables us to exude confidence. Nourishing our hormonal needs gives us the strength to fight another day. Burning scented candles (only at one end), helps us unwind and connect with our mind and body; checking in with ourselves. Checking in stops you from checking out or burning out, we each need to nurture ourselves, just like those twenty houseplants you bought during lockdown need nurture and nourishment to flourish.

The LULO Project

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