On Purity

By Jo Phillips

“The POMODORO TECHNIQUE is a time management method that is said to boost creativity and productiveness. By setting yourself an allocated time (usually 10-25 minutes) you allow your mind to focus without fear of being tempted by prorcastination. It is a great way to kick-start your imagination or to reboot an idea you have been working on to prevent it becoming stale.”

The face of purity has changed dramatically at the hands of the human race.

It has been augmented.

When asked what is pure, our mind now conjures a trained image of gilded cherubs and white doves, a virginal girl in love, with flowing hair wearing starched white cotton.

This is a falsehood that has been constructed to maintain order. To discipline our instincts and our wants and to throw shame on desire. It is a testament to man kinds ability to restrict itself in order to climb the food chain and maintain it’s throne.

True purity bares little resemblance to this. True purity looks like matted, mud-caked hairy skin and sex and blood.

Purity is ferocious and anarchic and putrid. It does not build to the skies or drill deeper and deeper in to the Earth.

Purity does not sing, it roars. It is instinctive and it survives and it breeds and it dies. It knows hatred and fear and does not pretend otherwise. It does not hide. It is uncontrolled and uncontrollable. It is breathtakingly unaware of it’s self.

The birth of a child is the real image of purity. It is violent and terrifying and staggeringly beautiful.

A pure existence is once that merely exists. It is free from pretence and unnecessary thought and mirrors.

We have reached a point of catastrophe within our race. If we continue to deny our pure selves we will create our own undoing.

This, then, is a call to arms. We must return to what is inside us, truly, and learn again that to be pure. We must now be respectful to the Mother of all, or she will surely take her vengeance.

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