Clash: & Other Stories

By Jo Phillips

Beauty is extremely important to us. We strive for beauty, it is celebrated and it is so relevant that beauty preferences span across cultures, boarders and generations.

In celebration of the upcoming winter season with all its special events and glamorous festivities, the fashion brand & Other Stories has introduced their The Celebration Beauty Collection which has recently added new colours.
& Other Stories have embraced the winter season with this special celebratory collection. Filled with equal parts of festivity and effortlessness, the Paris and Stockholm ateliers designed their collections with love for the merriest time of the year.

Paris Atelier- The Cat Eye Liner

Sharp, sophisticated, sassy. This beauty look embraces the French flair found in the Paris Atelier fashion collection. The technique of having a soft eye colour is used as a base to give extra depth to the drama-filled feline flicks. Mixing two shades of eyebrow tint, a vivid and natural colour is created. This in turn highlights the brow’s face-framing abilities. The sheer, glowing base allows facial features to be subtly sculpted while allowing the strong eye look to absolutely shine.

This look features:

Eye Marker ‘Bombazine Black’

Eyebrow Tint ‘Zibeline Cocoa’ and ‘Canton Chestnut’

Universal Eyeshadow Brush

Nail Colours ‘Ajour Green’ and ‘Willow Leafs’

& Other Stories – Demi Matt Lip Colour in ‘Mistral Currant’
& Other Stories – Nail colour in ‘Ajour Green’

Stockholm Atelier- Bold Beautiful Eyes

Bold shades surround the eyes in broad strokes, bringing out their shape through an elegant yet rough air. Paired with a dab of lip colour, it reveals a stunning yet effortless allure, manifesting in a strong, contemporary make-up look. Luminising cream is cleverly applied, shedding light to the high points of the face and tying together a poised and compelling look.

This look features:

Eye Colour Duo ‘Coir Sepia’ and ‘Teasel Desert’

Luminising Cream ‘Sanquar Fawn’

Lip Colour ‘Mistral Currant’

Foundation Brush

Nail Colour ‘Miniver Wine’ and ‘Shako Bronze’

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