Paul Smith and Cycling

By Jo Phillips

Inspired by his own love of cycling, Paul Smith collaborated with King’s Cross to create a new cycling collection with vintage jerseys. The designs feature sleek colour blockings that tie in to his current collection. The bright and vivid colours also help to improve rider safety without compromising on style. Electric pink highlights are placed on the road side arm to increase the rider’s visibility. With this range, Paul Smith combines performance and style in the design of a racing jersey for the King’s Cross retail cycle team. King’s Cross has been awarded the title of “UK’s most cycle friendly development” and the jerseys had been created especially for the retail team who will be cycling 700km from Girona, Spain to Cannes, France. The ride took place over four days ahead of the international retail property market, MAPIC, on 18th November 2016.



King's Cross

This isn’t the first time Paul Smith has combined two of his passions, cycling and fashion. In the past, he created the cycle wear collection 531 in which he utilized lightweight fabrics and bright colours in his pieces. The clothes of this collection are ultra-light, super breathable and they combine performance with style. The aim of the pieces is to create a comfortable summer riding experience. When worn together, the individual pieces create the ultimate three layer performance system: a wicking base layer, a temperature-controlling mid-layer and a protective outer layer. Shop the 531 collection here.



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