Plump Me Up

By Adlin Pinto

Many of us are aware of the ills of dehydrated skin. There are several problems that can cause it. Our faces get stripped of moisture by all sorts of things, including air conditioning, the weather whether to be too cold or too hot, lack of sleep, not drinking enough water, too-hot showers. But be warned, all skin types can become dehydrated yes, even oily skin because it’s caused by a lack of water within the skin. Moisture evaporates from your skin and that is one of the things that causes fine lines, wrinkles, and much more. Read more about here in Plump Me Up.

For over 30 years, the Valmont Group has been helping master the visible signs of aging. Steeped in traditional Swiss medicine, the company also draws upon the natural resources of Switzerland including glacial spring water and ingredients from their photo-alpine garden which they combine with cutting-edge, scientific cosmetic research to formulate the utmost anti-aging skincare products that create visible and long-lasting efficacy. 

Known for its patented triple DNA molecules and RNA liposomes extracted from salmon, Valmont products contain the most concentrated levels of anti-aging ingredients available.

Valmont has introduced a new product targeting the problems of hydration in order to ensure healthy hydrated skin. This new treatment is specifically for the delicate eye area.

Our eyes are the most delicate part of our face, they mark far easier than other parts. We know a high-paced lifestyle, stress, lack of sleep, and dehydration cause fine wrinkles to appear around the eyes. Excessive rubbing or improperly cleaned makeup settle into permanent marks. Hence the dark circles and crumpled skin. 

Welcome then Hydra 3 Eye

The new triple-hydrating eye treatment called Hydra3 eye. This eye product is about 3 stages of care. It nourishes, penetrating deep into the skin: 

A splash to hydrate the surface.

A drip action to target the core.

A storage action in the deeper layers. 

This super-charged infusion powered by high-tech cosmetic innovations works as a three-tier treatment:- Immediately, Progressively, and Long-term. 

The active ingredients infused into Hydra3 Eye, the key elements of radiant skin at any age, immediately soften and correct accumulated damage. Bursting with hydration, the skin appears smoothed out and renewed. Dark circles are corrected, the eye contour plumped. 

With this product launch, Valmont presents a successful revisit of its Triple DNA technology: Polymatrix DNA, the engine behind hydra 3 eye’s chronohydration power. A chemical combination of several different molecules, Polymatrix DNA brings together four ultra-hydrating agents into a meshwork of deep hydration:

Triple DNA (DNA bonded with calcium, magnesium and sodium) capable of retaining 10,000 times its weight in water. Hydrating silanol to help cells retain moisture. Hyaluronic acid to deliver further hydration- Hydrating sugars highly tolerated by the skin.

Formulated in an ultra-fine gel emulsion, Hydra 3 Eye immediately envelops the eye contour with its soothing freshness. Though fine, this treatment packs a hydrating punch seen and is felt within a few short hours.

As well as an eye treatment there is a new product to aid with dull complexions.

Deto2x Pack

As toxins accumulate, whether due to the external environment or a buildup of internal impurities, the complexion appears dull, congested and saturated. Youth seems to wither away as the skin’s texture grows coarse and uneven. When a nature hike or a green juice treatment are not in the cards, the new Deto2x pack oxygenating bubble mask offers the face the breath of fresh air it needs.

This pleasure-filled capsule is packed with potent ingredients to detoxify the complexion, oxygenate the skin and wash away that drab texture. When a Deto2x pod is opened and exposed to air and put on the skin it immediately transforms into a creamy foam that tickles the senses, distributing its precious attributes right to the heart of the epidermis. A single application is all it takes for new-found youth and radiance.

The Double O2 complex eliminates toxins that dull the complexion. Why double? Because it combines two oxygenating actions:

A nasturtium flower extract that works like a deep breath of fresh air, liberating the skin from within while restoring its oxygenation mechanisms. In its natural habitat, the nasturtium flower has developed an incredible “self-cleansing” ability. Its leaves trap air bubbles on the surface, helping the flower regulate the gas exchanges necessary for its survival.

A perfluorocarbon extract. This magical gas, which transports oxygenating ingredients deep into the skin, is the secret behind the sublime fizzy effect.

Deto2x pack incorporates a liposome derived from the Swiss apple stem cell. Packed with rejuvenating potential to stimulate cell renewal.

And lastly Deto2x Cream your companion for daily oxygenation.

Deto2x Cream purifies skin suffering from urban pollution. The bubbles in this ethereal cream regenerate upon contact with air, cleansing and breathing new life into city dwellers’ dull, dreary complexion.
Replumed soothed and relaxed, the skin delights in newfound freedom. Say goodbye to that greyish complexion and embrace renewed freshness.

For more information about the brand visit here.

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