Power; BYREDO Solaires

By Sufana Hammad

It’s not an easy task producing clothes, or running a brand especially since you need to come with a renewed approach to design that makes your label stand out, and thats exactly what Byredo did . Established in 2006 by Ben Gorham, Byredo is a European luxury brand uses quality materials, and high-end designs in order to fuel a renewed approach to modern luxury.

Byredo is focused on translating memories and emotions into experiences. Now selling in more than 40 countries world-wide, Byredo started of by selling only perfumes and fragrances, and evolved into producing a range of products, from leather goods and accessories, to skincare products, recently, Byredo has just went the extra mile, broke out of their boundaries, and launched the newest addition of their production, ‘BYREDO Solaires’.

Separate from beauty and leather goods, this eyewear collection is different than anything BYREDO has done before, with each glasses frame handcrafted in Japanese titanium and mineral glass. BYREDO wanted to ensure there are frames for everyone, regardless of preference or gender. Therefore, the collection offers 3 specific styles characterised by genderless personas, and all come in different colours. 

The three styles are ‘ ‘The Certified Pilot’ , ‘The Bohemian’ and ‘The Engineer’, all targeted to meet different customer’s needs.

The Certified pilot

Modelled after a traditional 1930’s aviator-style frame, this angled, oval-shaped frame features a double nose bridge and large lenses for maximum sun protection. With origins in military eyewear, they conjure up visions of a bygone era of travel.

The Bohemian
The Bohemian
A rounded, curvilinear lens gives The Bohemian an immediate air of eccentricity, designed to invoke the 60’s and an era of activism.
The Engineer
The Engineer
A modern trapezoidal shape of The Engineer is subtle and unimposing, creating a sharp silhouette with planed sides and a linear profile.

You can now find the articulated and handcrafted frames retailing at £380 and available at BYREDO stores, including their flagship store in Soho.

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