Power; Our Secret Weapon

By Jo Phillips

Most women would agree a lipstick is a very powerful tool.  Once applied whether it be a natural or a bight tone, a pop of colour added to the face is a way to tell yourself.  I’m Here! I’m Ready, I CAN cope, throw it at me world!

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AiNsel is a new London based, digital creative collaborative make up brand, selling lipsticks that are made using handcrafted techniques and created in small batches within their own labs.  The lipsticks are cruelty-free and created to have in a handbag as absolute staple just like any wardrobe staple a woman may have. We ask them all about their lipsticks and how they help women cope with the everyday!

Why do you think for women (especially) lipstick is such a powerful tool?

Lipstick; it’s extremely powerful because unlike some other makeup items it can make you feel put together and confident even by its own, you could be completely bare-faced but with a lipstick your attitude changes

What makes you different than any other lipstick brand out there?

We have our own formula and we produce in our London based lab so everything is created in small batches just for us so you won’t find our same formula sold by another brand. This formula makes the lipstick extremely pigmented but not drying and they can be easily reapplied. 

What on earth made you start a lipstick brand/can you tell us how you started?

It started with the intention to create a stylish and sustainable brand. Lipstick is very multifunctional so we believe that if you a few different shades in your makeup collection you don’t need much else.

What goes into your lipsticks ingredients wise?

Our lipsticks are created using food grade pigments and include Castor Oil and Grapeseed oil to keep them moisturising.

 How should someone choose what tones work for them?

We are big advocates of wearing whatever you feel comfortable with so anything is fine. If anyone is dubious about the right shade that suits their undertone we have shades that suit warm, cool and neutral undertones. For instance, when it comes to red, orange reds suit better those with warm undertones so something like Sarong would be perfect. Instead, for cool undertones the best red are the ones with some Blue in them, LBD is one of the great choices you can find from our reds.
 How do you come up with new colours and new names?
We find inspiration in the fashion world and really enjoy the connection we are building between fashion and beauty as now people wear our Trench lipstick with a trench coat or Pencil Skirt, a bright red shade, with a pencil skirt. The shades really reflect what the vibe of the lipstick is and are inspired by wardrobe staples for timeless looks so the same goes for our lipsticks.
What is next for you?  Will you do other lip products or other make up products?
We won’t create anything else, as an AiNSEL lipstick is the only makeup product we would take on a desert island, it can be used to achieve any look, using it as a blush, highlighter, eye shadow and of course on your lips.
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Find out more at their website www.ainsel.com
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