Princess ‘Peepers’

By Lauren Tighe

Every princess wants a pair of sparkling ‘peepers’ eyes that glow and shine and entice. However, sometimes life gets in the way and we need a hero to restore our sparkle. Princess Peepers will provide you with a solution to the dreaded fatigued under-eyes.

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess, with eyes that mesmerised and twinkled like sapphires. They say that eyes are windows to the soul, and hers shone brightly, bringing happiness to all. Her confidence ricocheted, and brightened every room, forever dispelling the depths of doom and gloom. She had eyes for beauty, colour, and style, silhouettes, and textures on trend for a while.

She worked in the busy city, bringing her zeal and passion, she helped clueless women, to understand fashion. Through great trial and toil, she styled them right, she even stayed late to work into the night. For every madame must go to the ball, where everyone votes for the best dressed of all. While the princess must journey home through the night, reaching her castle before the clock strikes midnight.

For everyone knows of the dangers that lurk, when the witching hour is upon us, one must be alert. The smog lays thick over darkened corners, where hags and urchins, steal jewels that adorn us. Carefully and quietly, our princess ventured out in the night. But her eyes gave her away, as they shone so very bright.

An evil magpie soared down from the night sky, stealing the princess’ big bright eyes. Bringing the eyes to the witch called Fatigue, jealous of the princess, she stole them for sheer greed. She cast a curse, to worsen the mess, something to cause the princess distress. Replacing her eyes with the witches own, eyes with dark circles, where under bags grown.

She cackled and howled, giving the princess a fright, pleading ‘how can I fix this?’, ‘Will I be alright?’, the witch replied through a wry thin smile, ‘Only true love’s kiss can save you my child’. The princess was left alone to stumble in the dark, searching deeply for wisdom of the heart. ‘True love’s kiss!’, she exclaimed, ‘True love’s kiss!’, ‘You’d think they’d think of something that’s better than this!’.

I don’t have time to wait around for a prince, I’m meeting the girls tomorrow for dinner and drinks. She pulled herself up, dusted off her shoes, and opened her handbag to search for clues.

Thank F*** she cried as she reached in and clasped, Valmont’s eye instant stress-relieving mask. She popped them on and to her delight, in 15 minutes, not a bag was in sight.

Smoothing, hydrating, revitalizing, wrinkles disappeared, as her skin was tightening. She pulled out her mirror to assess the mess, watching as the mask make her skin decongest. Bippity boppity bappity boom, bye bye dark circles, puffiness, and gloom. Her eyes were back, clear as the day, youthful, bright, and ready to slay.

Valmont Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask

The moral of the story here is, don’t wait for somebody else to make you feel beautiful, nurture your inner beauty with natural ingredients. Nurturing your skin with natural product helps accentuate your beauty and provide a good foundation for makeup, if you choose to wear it.

Valmont’s eye instant stress-relieving masks contain triple algae biomaterial which remineralize, smooth, and hydrate the skin. They are perfect to use after a late night, to restore brightness and reinvigorate the skin. For further results, the Valmont’s moisturising Eye-C-Gel has a relaxing cooling effect that plumps the skin, and acts interchangeably as an under eye moisturiser and primer.

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