The Art of Make-Up

By Zelie Vandermeiren

Makeup is an art form. Just like you would paint with brushes, onto a fabric canvas, faces are also a canvas, one which you highlight with makeup. It is a form of creativity, and through it, emotions can be expressed. The brand Byredo takes these two facets and fuses them together, makeup that looks like artwork. Learn all about this launch, with our article The Art of Make-Up.

The luxury brand, Byredo, was founded by Ben Gorham in 2006, in Sweden. Gorham journey is just like the most beautiful make-up, unpredictable. He went to art school yet was not predestined to a particularly usual path and so, he created Byredo which grew with the meeting of Pierre Wulff, a perfumer, who helped Gorham with his first scent. Now Byredo has grown into a multi-diverse luxury lifestyle brand, where you can find perfume, makeup, accessory, and leather goods.

Ben Gorham founder of Byredo

And the new make-up collection ‘Spring seen through the eyes of BYREDO’ is the latest chapter in their story. This launch will be in waves, the first one, lbeing aunched on the 1st of April is made of Mascara, Eyeliner, and Palette. Then there will soon follow Tinted Lip Balms on May 1st and new Colour Stick shades on June 1st.

Called “Tears in Rain”, the waterproof mascara will accompany you for 24 hours. Its innovative formulation created to be smudge-proof and at the same time with added moisturizing properties.

Tears in Rain

It is 89% natural and 100% vegan, is making it one of the cleanest waterproof mascara on the market.

Adding to the collection is the eyeliner, ‘Practical Brown’. Smudge-proof like the mascara, this one is also transfer-proof.

Practical Brown

The composition is 99.2% natural and completely vegan. To complete the collection is eye makeup, there are five Eyeshadows. With its incredible packaging, in a golden shell, this palette is what dreams are made of.

The palette Eyeshadows 5 Colours in its golden shell packaging.
Eyeshadows 5 Colours

Feather, a pearly beige, Haze, a shimmering rose, Flare, a metallic gold, Velvet, soft bronze and Faux Fur, a warm brown, the shades are to die for. Inspired by the 70’s and disco psychedelia, eyes could never be more dazzling.

With the ‘Spring seen through the eyes of BYREDO’ collections, you will be able to express your creativity alongside them.

Available since the 1st of April 2021, you can find the products on the Byredo website and all Byredo stores. As mentioned the collection will be in waves. This was the first one. Soon will follow, the 3 Colour Sticks and the 3 Tinted Lip Balms.

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