PURE: Cultural Overload

By Shannon Brien

Amsterdam is a place to release your hidden desires and indulge your inner wild child.

A place where window shopping takes on a whole new meaning and where the sale of marijuana is not only legal, but promoted.

Backpacking conjures imagery of twenty-somethings throwing back cheap drinks in the hostel bar before navigating a sea of bunk beds to find someone already asleep in your tiny bed. Generator Hostels are acclaimed for providing an affordable yet comfortable service that fits within a backpacker’s budget and have opened their doors in Amsterdam.

Overlooking Oosterpark in a former zoological University building is their brand new hostel that can accommodate 564 guests in twin and quadruple rooms with en-suites or luxury apartments for six people. Located in the up-and-coming eastern part of the city boasting impressive accommodation with amazing social spaces, including an outdoor terrace which is the draw for any backpacker.

‘Lecture hall’ usually induces a feeling of boredom which Generator have insured will never be the case in their lecture hall converted lounge and bar, or perhaps you’d prefer to sip a stiff drink in the old library while you plan what to do for the day.  As well as an impressive array of lounging areas, there are amazing dining destinations in the Basement and Cafe areas which provide the perfect way to line your stomach before a night dancing away the old original boiler room which is now a late night secret bar.

Foto Auditorium Generator Hostels Amsterdam

Whether you come to Amsterdam to revel in a life of sin, smoke a doobie or take in anything cultural or creative this city has to offer, Generator provides the perfect place to leave your bags before you set off riding along the canals.



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