Radiant; Looking Good!

By Jo Phillips

There is nothing like a great pair of shades or even specs. They give a total allure to a face, a different facet or a way of changing your daily illusion. That’s why we love them so, the opportunity to vary our presentation to the outside world. But it is really important to look your very best and in order to do so its important to understand what shape bets fits your own face. No worries we have a nice little guide here for you from eyewear designer Alexis Amor to helps you find your perfect match.  

The right shape, size, colour and fit they can drastically lift the look and mood. What other single dress items can provide such confidence, such glamour and such privacy?

Firstly, trust your instinct. Go for the styles and colours that you are naturally drawn to.  Browse glasses2you for some ideas of what you think would look good on you. Then, for goodness’ sake, try them on. The size is critical, and my guide should be followed religiously. All glasses should make your head look slightly smaller and will be far more flattering for it. The arms should go back in a straight line without bowing out and they should not squeeze too tight – a sure sign of being too small.

Eyebrows can show but not too much – if they do show, the sunglasses will look best if they follow the contour of the brow.  There are some basic rules to apply when considering face shapes. Whatever the shape, sunglasses are there to complement not accentuate. Round sunglasses on a round face or square on square etc. are a no-no.


Classic large square plastic styles work brilliantly on rounder faces – they will positively highlight the softness of the wearer’s jawline. See Alexis Amor – COCO – Black Havana Tortoise – £245.00

Aviator styles will work well on squarer faces as will the rounder classic shapes – make sure they’re wide enough and they’ll be perfect. See Alexis Amor – AVA – Rose Havana Quartz – £245.00 or Alexis Amor -AVA  – £245.00  opticals


Cat-Eye sunglasses provide a great contrast and lift to oval faces.

Alexis Amor NATHALIE – Caramel Havana Stripe £245.00 

Alexis Amor VALENTINE – Candy Apple Red – £245.00 

A good optical or sunglass store with the right equipment will be able to offer skilled custom fittings for your glasses. The designer says   “From the design to the individual hand finishing, I am inherently involved at each step in the creation of every pair of the glasses that bear my name”. Alexis Amor is a design label offering the finest handmade eyewear, sunglasses and optical care. This eponymous London based eyewear brand offers everything from handmade, hand-finished frames to precision eye testing & glazing using the latest lenses and equipment, all from their headquarters in Richmond, London. Frames can also be purchased internationally online.  He regularly collaborates with other designers with his first collaboration being sunglass frames named The Rae’ in collaboration with the founder of resort brand Rae Feather – they’re already selling out fast for Summer. 

Alexis Amor 7 King Street, Richmond, TW9 1ND

@alexisamor.eyewear  www.alexisamor.com

Alexis Amor 7 Kings Street, Richmond  TW9 1ND

@alexisamor.eyewear alexisamor.com 

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