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By Jo Phillips

An iconic pen, one that surpasses generations. A great pen, after all, can be used to shape unimaginable ideas and creations. Through this ingenious instrument, shapes, letters and words are visible. As it said, “The Pen is mightier than the sword.” Find out more in Reach the Peak Here

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The history of this iconic pen may surprise you. The Montblanc brand emerged from one era to continue into many others, becoming the utterly desirable item it is today. 

It all started in 1906, in Silicon Valley in Hamburg. The ingenious German technician August Eberstein returned from his trip to the United States to develop his idea for a fountain pen that would last for generations. He founded his company, called the “Simplo Filler Pen Co.”

He wanted to impress the world, so he called the three best investors from his generation, Claus Voss, Christian Lausen and Wilhelm Dziambor. They called their pen “Rouge et Noir”. They were German, but the name is French which aroused curiosity. So the pen ”très chic”, was launched.

These avant-garde craftsmen cultivated a quality that was essential to all pioneers, based on reliability. It is a quest for excellence and success. Indeed, when the label was renovated in 20th century, it was renamed Montblanc. Which is a reference to the allegory of today’s Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe.

Because its silhouette is dark and white at the top, the design echoes this and stands as a symbol of inspiration, excellence and luxury; design alongside high-quality, the dominant features.

The Montblanc pen has had in its hand in mythical public figures, think Barak Obama or Marilyn Monroe, they both had between their fingers this mythical pen to sign documents.

But Montblanc has not finished surprising its customers, let’s reach another peak on its mountainous journey.  In truth the business world is in constant change, everything is about movement, speed, and new goals. And for Montblanc, this was clear: Being a fountain pen manufacturer was only the first step.

So where to put that luxury pen? Montblanc created leather pouches to potentially carry the pen, well amongst other things, that is.

Montblanc’s signature leather collection is dynamic, with sporty design and original leather treatments. The leather motif draws inspiration from the graphic images created by Grete Gross, Montblanc’s Head of Advertising who deeply influenced Montblanc’s visual language in the 1920s.

The result of its new collection, entitled Montblanc Extreme 3.0 Collection, which consists of Bags & Leather Goods, in bold, modern design, that also is principally focused on minimizing its environmental footprint.

And, that’s not all, Montblanc is still living the spirit of exploration.  This adventurous spirit knows no limits. Launched in 2019 came fragrance.

Entitled Montblanc Explorer, its goals represent the emblem of the brand, adrenaline, control and virility.

Great craftsmen and key fragrance noses conceived the perfume. Three exceptional talents Jordi Fernandez, Antoine Maisondieu and Olivier Pescheux, combined their ideas from their travel diaries to create an unforgettable scent, a perfect expedition to discover the most precious scent facets coming from Bergamot in Italy, Vetiver from Haiti and Patchouli from Indonesia, making Montblanc Explorer an invitation to travel the world via a bottle of scent.

It reflects a woody aroma, emanating from a blend of three fragrances the first of which comes from Italy called OrPur® explodes with floral, green and intensely fresh notes, reminiscent of the Mediterranean; synonymous with joy, light and elegance, of the Calabria region of Italy. Combined with a masculine note of OrPur® French clary sage and OrPur® spicy pink pepper to initiate a dialogue full of character. Then a touch of hazelnut was added, from Haiti in the extreme southwest of the island, from the Cayes region.

An organic and ethical material, reflecting authentic, raw and earthy. Vetiver is a root with strong masculine accents, combined with leather reminiscent of the iconic adventurer’s jacket evoking the effortless

And finally, the last stop propels us to Indonesia, east of Borneo. In the heart of the rainforest more precisely on the island of Sulawesi. Find it the fragrance base Patchouli, which enhances the notes of leather and cocoa and brings a rich and complex character to the perfume it is nuanced in the composition by amber touches of Ambrofix™ as well as Akigalawood®, an exclusive molecule that gradually brings warmth to the fragrance.

These innovative base notes transport the elegant explorer into an eminently sensual universe, ready for any adventure.

The bottle, represents the Montblanc emblem, the iconic star representing the six glaciers of the highest mountain in Europe.

Both exceptional and exclusive, the main ingredients of Montblanc Explorer come from Givaudan’s Sourcing for Shared Value program, supporting local producers in an ethical and sustainable developmental approach. 

This support to local communities also translates into educational initiatives for future generations, such as the construction of three libraries for school children in the regions of Buton and Katoi on the island of Sulawesi. Together with the Givaudan Foundation, Interparfums has contributed to the construction of three libraries and is currently providing 489 school children and their 33 teachers with easier access to culture and reading. 3,650 books have been purchased to fill the shelves of the new libraries.

Montblanc’s other key fragrance is the legendary scent Legend, fascinating sitting in a Red flacon In Montblanc’s history red is important. Appearing in the design of the legendary Rouge et Noir fountain pen, there is no colour more intense than red.

Montblanc has changed the colour of its most famous Legend Fragrance to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Which links to a new iteration, a bolder and more determined masculine fragrance. Two experts collaborated on the fragrance, Anne Flipo and Nicolas Beaulieu to find the perfect sent of masculinity intensity.

The red sensation starts with the juicy freshness of blood orange and zesty grapefruit blended with the spicy contrast of Cardamon. Ended with a charismatic woody fragrance, fresh which evokes the thrill of speed.

To find the fragrance ingredients, experts choose to work with a sustainable company and the product is formulated with naturally derived alcohol. The shape of the bottle remains curved and solid with the addition of an intense red on the bottom which contrasts with a silver top to create a sleek, chic and modern look.

The celebrity endorsement,British model Simon Clark represents the legendary fragrance. Masculine, serene and elegant, the photographer Peter Lindbergh photographed in black and white Simon Clark with the legend fragrance, authentic and confident.

German technician August Eberstein was a unique adventurer in his day and his legacy has been carried forward to the present day.   Craftsmanship, refinement and elegance, bring virility and self-confidence and are still the values in situ set out from the beginning.  

To find out more about the brand, and the wide ranges available including travel watches and fragrances please visit Here

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