Radiating Summertime in the Midst of Autumn

By Janhavi Khandelwal

Why yearn for sunlight when you can be your own sunshine? As autumn’s quiet skies envelop you and the sun dips lower in the sky, casting a mesmerising palette of hues across the horizon, colours from the red kiss of summer strawberries, oranges mirroring the warmth of a setting sun, yellows capturing the essence of endless fields of sunflowers and greens of summer harvest gracefully fade into rich golds, rustic reds, and deep berries, inviting browns. Read more in Radiating Summertime in the Midst of Autumn.

Main photo: Taya Jones

In the dance of seasons, autumn is a time when the world often seems to sleep as trees shed their leaves, twirling with the cold breeze of wind, painting the whole world in deep-dark blues, cooling grey into dreary black. The ground becomes adorned with a tapestry of colours reminiscent of a cosy, crackling fire while bidding their gentle farewell to the warm sunny days. From there, colour drains away and life becomes somewhat monochrome.

With this loss of tones that bring joy suddenly we may well feel somewhat bereft. Just as nature’s colour shifts, and we feel low we can reach into our makeup palette to brighten our days and lift our spirits with colour, colour and more colour.

To ensure the makeup lasts through the circle of the day, opt for high-quality formulations, brands like 3ina and Stila offer colour and shine that will keep the mood high and jolly.

For example, the brand 3INA’s Cream Eyeshadow 532 and the Long-Wear Lipstick 503, revitalise individuals’ fresh and confidence from morning coffee to evening sunset.

Exploring the 3INA Eyeshadow Palette. With its nine vivid shades, it’s easier to switch up the looks, adding a pop of colour to highlight one’s confidence and energy where there’s more to add to the masterpiece! To achieve a dewy, natural radiance that’s as fresh as a daisy, consider the versatile 3-in-1 Lip, Eye, and Cheek Tint. This all-in-one product is a game-changer. With no rules, everyone can get creative and experiment with different looks, making it uniquely theirs.

Lover of cherry-red lips? The Lipstick 244 shade is a showstopper, effortlessly commanding attention. When, enhanced with a touch of shimmer from Lip Glow 371, it will feel like a radiant reflection of the world’s missing brilliance, turning you into a beacon of light as the day gently fades away.

Don’t forget the details to complete the transformation for a sunny disposition. The 850 Pen Eyeliner is an artistic tool, helping in defining the eyes with precision and style. It’s the finishing touch to the symphony of colours.

Photo: Taya Jones

3INA stands out for its playful ethos, offering a fresh and fearless approach to beauty, making high-quality products which are accessible to all.

But wait, there is more to add by “becoming your own artist with Stila’s Fall 2023 Collection”, from sheer nudes for subtle, sheer washes of colour to dramatic looks, which offer unique finishes, textures, and subtle shades, empowering oneself to express individuality through makeup by exploring captivating dark green, mesmerizing graphite, and more with Stila’s limited edition, Stay all day metal liquid eyeliners to redefine precision and add a touch of sparkle to the eyes.

Photo: Taya Jones

Make a sensation with the sultry nudes of the ’90s, Stila’s Plumping Lip Glaze is a high-shine lip formula that plumps and hydrates lips to give that pout an extra punch with seven stunning new shades offer a neutral shade for all lip tones, from nude as Honey to fearless as Maple to using Sculpt & Glow as a do-it-all face palette that provides with everything that’s needed as a toolkit for creating the perfect balance of light and shadow.

To add the finishing touch to one’s lip art, the Calligraphy Lip Stain softly coats lips in a sheer, lightweight, and buildable pout-perfect colour.

Stila is renowned for its innovative makeup products that effortlessly blend creativity with classic beauty, empowering individuals to express their unique style with confidence.

Life is a mosaic of moments so the makeup should adapt accordingly.

For the winter slumber, let the inner artist awaken and shine bright against the backdrop of fading daylight and dreary tones. Your face, your canvas, and your makeup. Embrace the boldness of summer, the warmth of your soul’s palette, and illuminate the world with your radiant beauty.

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