Ratio; A New Skin To Be In

By Jo Phillips

Each week a new ingredient name flies around the internet with another unpronounceable name; one  that is going to keep us youthful.

The latest name is Argireline® peptide except this product has been around for quite a while and is used in many a beauty product, but until now has not been an ingredient out in the open. An insider best-kept secret if you like. It did, however, cause waves within the beauty industry. Hundreds of cosmetic companies have trusted the brand to provide anti-wrinkle benefit in their formulations so it may be that you are already using it to some degree.

What it actually is, is an anti-aging ingredient that can treat wrinkles. It works by limiting the movement of muscles which then restricts the effects that facial expressions can have which promote wrinkles. Studies have been performed which showed it can lead to upwards of a 30% decrease in wrinkles with 30 days of use. It is a synthetic additive that is meant to treat the signs of aging around the forehead and eyes.

It was the first peptide launched to fight against expression wrinkles acting in vitro, in the same way as Botulinum Toxin.  But of course, this is a far safer method.  After more than 10 years of research, the peptide was officially launched in 2001 and hailed as a real breakthrough and innovation in the market, being the first peptide with a specific effect on expression wrinkles.

This unique peptide ingredient was exclusively launched after many years of research by Lipotec™ Active Ingredients of Barcelona, a world leader in high tech active ingredients.  Should you want to know if your product contains this magic then look on the  packaging – for acetyl hexapeptide-8





ARGIRELINE® has featured as a star ingredient within a multitude of well-known and highly successful/ award-winning beauty products internationally. Just a few of them are above.

Follow this link to the Lipotech website to find out more information about  ARGIRELINE® 



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