Glitzy Knickers!

By Jo Phillips

No one has to know, well except you and any one else you choose to share it with..those beautiful silky french knickers that gloss and glimmer under your clothes.  Nothing feels quite like silk next to the skin. As you walk there is that slight ‘frotage’ of silk and skin,  reminding you ..yes you are worth silk, you are shimmer from you most personal of space to the part that all around see.  As you feel the quick electric thrill you certainly step that little bit more confident.

As the most versatile pieces of her wardrobe, a woman’s undergarments, whether they be simple black cotton knickers or sensual lingerie lovely to slip on, are what make or break a woman’s confidence. The beauty of underwear is that only the wearer (or a certain special someone) really knows what is underneath, making a woman’s lingerie her lovely little secret. However, with ill fitting and cheap material, this natural confidence is broken.


To solve this problem, UK based lounge and sleepwear company Nui Ami helps women find the right undergarments and loungewear, giving them security and comfort while still letting them look sexy and restoring their confidence. With a number of collections based on cities around the world, including London, Venice, Paris, and Kyoto, a woman’s best kept secret has finally regained its fun and versatility. This experience is what drives Sanjit Vallance and her company to “create elegant sleep and loungewear that are pretty enough to seduce in but comfortable enough to sleep in”. With a motto like that, who could refuse the opportunity to not just  sleep beautifully but to walk around with a somewhat secret smile?


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