Ratio: All That Jewellery Is Not Gold

By Anmol Gaur

Creative people look at the world differently and the way they portray that using various mediums opens our hearts and minds because they see things from a different perspective. Creatives use social media with new ideas to stand out from the crowd to catch our imagination, one of the creative tools is humour.

Take for example, Stacy Huang, an award winning jewellery designer who launched a jewellery line called A-D-JUST which is a slightly humorous take on the word “adjust”. Through the collection, the designer wants to change people’s perception towards wearable jewellery. It is not just a play on the word ‘adjust’ but the way to introduce the jewellery line which shows the relation between jewellery, technology, and the digital age as opposed to jewellery built around the idea of precious stones or precious metals.

The first collection in the A-D-JUST series, Shop Now provides an insight into the world of modern consumer culture. With the world dominated by digital media, Stacy Huang hopes to change the idea of the signs and symbols used for wearable jewellery like earrings looking like SIM cards, neck piece with the – and + signs on the sides of the design looking like volume buttons etc. all things associated with mobile phones and keyboards.

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Following the ‘shop now’ collection, the designer has another collection titled ‘Moments’ where Stacy has interpreted six types of personalities found on social media. These are: The Lurkers, the ‘Likers’, The Retouchers, The Promoters, The Haters and The Blacklists. Based on sleek design concepts, the collection will show the visualization of the six personalities and will shine a light on the issue of identity on social media.

People nowadays have constructed their identities around the social media circle so reflecting that into her designs with pieces like “You May Also Likenecklace or necklace inspired by the heart symbol used on social media, the designer has found a way to merge the things we see and relate to on social media into wearable jewellery.


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Originally from china, Stacy shuffles her time between London and Shanghai. She graduated from Central Saint Martins where her graduate collection was inspired by British supermarket Tesco and has had her work exhibited at the London Design Festival as well as during Munich Jewellery Week and Vienna Jewellery Days.


To find out more please visit www.adjust-jewellery.com 

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