Ratio; Antidote To Boring Shoes

By Jo Phillips

The Antidote To Boring Shoes

Loafers on the whole used to be that underrated ‘steady’ shoe, never really stood out from the crowd but never really blended in, everyone always had a pair in there wardrobe and if we were honest with ourselves we always knew it was the comfiest shoe but for the majority we just could not quite get past the idea that they were perhaps just a little too boring?
Well… the times have changed and Loafers, Driving Shoes, Moccasins, Mules or whatever you prefer to call yours are just about the coolest shoes of the moment and we can’t see this style going anywhere soon. Now with more colours, styles and materials to choose from than ever before the loafers is the ultimate shoe and could never be considered boring, in fact far from it.

Loafers are a classic that’s true but as fashion moves forward this shoe style is adapting quickly. You can pair the loafer with just about any fashion attire. Obviously, you have style, material and colour to choose but the point is that they will add a flash of colour and sophistication to just about any outfit. Take the Tassel Loafer, for example, this is more upbeat than the traditional loafer but by no means isn’t fitting in a formal setting it just adds a depth of fun to your outfit giving you your own unique style.


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Or perhaps you like the classic moccasins? Well with so many colours to choose from we think these are a great way to jazz up your outfit or keep it oh so simple. Navy loafers have been a classic for years and will continue to be but we are now seeing more and more coloured loafers being thrown into the mix. Add some bright Orange or Royal Blue loafers to some denim jeans and your outfit is instantly stylish.
So it’s of our opinion that every man and woman should have their own pair of mens and ladies driving shoes, penny loafers or slip on mules because yes they are a classic but they are also now very very cool!

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