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By Rebecca McNelly-Tilford

‘Celebrating India’ is the new pop-up, at Bicester Village,  the shopping destination who continue to be the forefront of celebrating fashion from around the world. This pop up is perfectly titled ‘Celebrating India’  and is not just a  simple take on the country as we think we know it but showing it as a whole, covering multiple cultures and traditions. Combining forces with up and coming designers from fashion, literature, art, homewares, and culture. The passion of this most loved and mysterious country comes through the moment you step into the store.  See and feel the absolute vibrancy, colour, pattern, and textures of India in one petite shop in Oxfordshire.

The village excels at bringing young and new talent to their market and has done it again with a wonderful cross section of lesser-known (in the UK) talent.  Some are well known in Paris or India others are even new names from the continent.

But this approach also brings with it something a little special.  When you shop within the pop up a percentage of the money you spend will go to the Elephant Family.  An international NGO, dedicated to protecting the Asian elephant from extinction in the wild.


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Designers who work can be purchased at the pop up include: Benho: Accessories, Huemn, Dhruv Kapoor, Kanika Goyal, Kashmir Loom, Tiipoi, Attom by Khosla Jani  Pippa Small: Jewellery, Manish Arora, SZ Blockprints, Beulah and Tada and Toy.


 Also dotted around the village in way of celebration are wicker elephants.  These Elephants are the first of six, which will soon become a herd on 100 and will be placed around parks of London to celebrate and support the Elephant Family.



The Bicester Village, Celebrating India pop-up was put together beautifully as always. The set design of the store and the displays showcasing the designers, allow each designer to have their own space for their personal collection whilst still allowing the collections to flow together and feel like one big colourful and cultured location.


 As well as fashion and accessories influences, literature was honoured. From illustrated stories from India to cookbooks on how to make India dishes at home.

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 This also included the most amazing interior elements, from plates and cups to rugs and throws allowing you to inject from India influence into your own space.


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The fashion, accessories and jewellery on display emphasise how their culture and how it has influenced their design process. Each different from the next, but all showcasing something unique that cannot be found in any general high-end store.  The accessories celebrated statements and colours, while the jewellery pieces show intense craftsmanship and detail that goes into each piece.



Journalists came to preview the pop-up and before exploring the rest of what the village has to offer, were treated to a lunch at the Cafe Woosley. Each dish continued the celebration of India, from the most amazing curry dishes like butter chicken and vegetable curry with saffron rice to desserts including mango ice cream. A beautiful way to fully immerse yourself into the culture.  There were even biscuits in the shape of elephants to really tie the pop-up and the Elephant Family charity together.


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As with previous Pop-Ups at Bicester Village, it is yet another commitment by the group to supporting and celebrating the creative process,  with young talent bringing fresh ideas and fresh angles for their customers to enjoy.  As ever this makes going to the village an experience, not just a shopping moment but a day with culture, food, charity and shopping. Don’t forget the other villages around the world and read our article on the amazing Charles Kasin Village take over in Belgium here.

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