Ratio; The skin We Can Be In

By Jo Phillips

Rejoicing my mid-day tea on a sunny day at the café on the roadside. My eye caught a woman passing by me headed towards the beach, it was inevitable that I would not notice her illuminating and radiant skin. I could not resist the instant urge within me to ask about her impeccable appearance over face and body. I ran to her and to my surprise, she responded instantly with the name of her skin perfecter – ALLEVEN London. Her faith in the products encouraged me to discover- why I needed to add this product to my beauty regime, and their features have made me a fan.


A good concealer can help make you shine on a gloomy day, blurring all imperfections. Even without blemishes, the skin suffers through discolouration and unevenness due to stress or sleepless nights. Celia Forner Venturi, a former supermodel and founder of the brand, regarded the missing part in any makeup kit – a full- body concealer for the year-round perfection. In that sense, it is an impressive collection of beauty solutions, giving you a polished look for a trip to the beach or a business meeting. The easy to apply ALLEVEN Colour Shield perfectly imparts long-lasting hydration along with an airbrushed and more luminous, natural appearance.


The collection consists of four more products in addition to the Colour Shield- Colour Shield Glow Body Enhancer, Instant Perfector Body Concealer, Total Body Sculpting Serum and Colour Shield Face Airbrush Foundation. It is fair to say that these products are your skin’s new best friend for everyday carry-on. The strife with redness every time you go to the beach is over. The products harness the powers of Coral Algae and diatom clay to defend against the damaging effects of UV rays, through a “lamellar emulsion” system of releasing effectively at damaged areas. The botanical elements and smart pigment in ALLEVEN’s Colour Shield range guards against the frustrating sun damage, which takes ages to recover. The products provide maximum transfer, water and rub resistance. In addition to that, it also offers a perfect and damage-proof diversion for your boyfriend from his video games and go surfing to the beach with you.



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