Raw: Cleanse Food

By Jo Phillips

A raw food diet or detox cleanses are hard to sustain after about a week, let alone long term. They sabotage the metabolism, making any weight-loss result a short term one. However there is a benefit of including some raw foods in your daily life.

Here’s a short list of our favourites.


1. Water

Most of us don’t drink enough of it. You should be aiming for 2L per day (men 3L). If you don’t drink this much, you’ll need to make a real effort initially but you’ll feel so much better after a few days. It increases your sharpness, is great for weight loss and if you suffer from a bad back, the increased hydration will make a huge difference (also think about cutting back on drinks which dehydrate at the same time – tea etc).


2. Lemons

If you’re trying to lose weight, on rising, drink 300ml water with the juice of half a lemon. It will assist your liver and kidneys as they excrete fat from your body. Simple and hugely effective.


3. Almonds


Packed with protein, and metabolism-boosting calcium. They’re the ultimate snack to have on you at all times especially as they don’t melt. Never leave home without them.


4. Cranberries

Essential for any cleanse, cranberry extract is great for urinary tract health, and reducing water retention. Make sure that you get the unsweetened version.

5. Chilli

Image taken from http://www.worldofchillies.com/chillipodsgallery/files/jinta%20chillies%20red.jpg
Image taken from http://www.worldofchillies.com/chillipodsgallery/files/jinta%20chillies%20red.jpg

Even without the health benefits, chili would be on my list for taste and flavour alone. When you throw in the thermic effect of the capsaicin and the boost to your metabolism it gives, then it becomes essential. Great tasting food which is working hard to aid weight loss – it gets my vote.



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