Soul Bathing

By Gaurav Gujar

For some of us getting in a bath or a shower is purely a cleansing ritual, for more and more of us bathing is cleansing your inner-self, pampering the soul and drowning in your own mind. Does it often happen that you are standing in your shower with the perfectly adjusted temperature or in your bathtub with those aromatic salts and you dwell deep into the thoughts which were not addressed conventionally just under the façade of ‘being busy’ or “I’ll sort that out later”? And often, one makes the most important decisions having a bath which may literally change the course of one’s life. Believe it or not, you are not alone. Find out more here in Soul Bathing.

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Many of us might feel the most connected to ourselves while bathing, whether it’s a quick shower or hours of reclining in a bathtub; talking-knowing-understanding-feeling-sharing and spending some real quality time with ourselves.

However, more interestingly, you really might not need water to bathe and cleanse yourself; you could always opt for the sun, moon or even a forest. Yes, you read it right.

Sunbathing for many years was seen as a “no-no”, having a suntan indicated you belonged to a labouring class exposed to the harsh sunlight whilst working outside. Coco Chanel and her slinky bronze skin made sunbathing the in thing, by suggesting, that having time to lay in the sun and get a tan meant you were a person of leisure.

Enjoying the pleasant sun for that tan or soaking in the vitamin-d for healthier glowing skin, may be keeping your blood pressure in check, boosting your immunity and even helping with your anxiety or finally just plain old-school relaxation. Every reason to sunbathe is absolutely justified and worth it.

As the legend says, the sun’s amoureuse (the sun’s lover) the moon too, lets us bathe in her divine unparalleled grace and beauty. The moon is seen by many as a mystical and an enchantress kind of entity with its breathtaking ability to help calm one’s soul just by a simple gaze.

Having a moon bath is as simple as taking a walk on a full moon night or immersing yourself in the moonlight by laying down just like one would do having a sunbath, maybe even a swim in waters with the moon as your muse.

What you can also do is have a bath with “moon water”. Sounds a little unusual? Moon water is simply the moonlight-absorbed water and this can be done easily by leaving a bottle of water out under the moon for a couple of hours so the water can soak in the moonlight, and then mixing it with the tub filled.

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Having a moon bath also has benefits and is immensely peaceful for the mind, body and soul. For centuries India, China, Egypt and Arabia have been describing the power and effect from each of their perspectives.

The moon always has been associated with the feminine energy resembling closely to the menstrual cycle of women. ‘Ayurveda’ the ancient medicinal science from India does state that the moon has the energy to harness and calm ‘pitta dosh’ which is the bio-energy regulating the metabolism and energy in human beings;

In the western world too, it has been accepted and these beliefs based on their respective ancient cultural practices suggest increased fertility, decreased blood pressure and toning down stress and anxiety levels. Since the Celtic and pre-pagan era, stories about the aura of the moon blessing the woman, have been around.

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So, it might be really pleasing to take some time, appreciate and admire the moon with black sky draping her and billions of stars trying to woo her and allow yourself to take a dip of cleansing in a mesmerizing moon bath.

Dressed with the Japanese wisdom of ‘Shinrin-yoku’ which word for word translates to ‘Forest-bath’. Japan brings forward the idea of a ‘Forest bath’. With changing times and everyone trying to get a break and detox from the cloak of technology that literally wraps us head-to-toe 24×7, some people are changing the way they bathe and rejuvenate as well.

In 2022, we all acknowledge how huge our planet is and we often wonder about the unexplored, unknown and mysteries the planet still holds within. With just 29% of the total landmass and of this, just 31% covered by forests with ecosystems worth admiring, it shall be interesting to bathe in it.

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All these technological innovations, research & development, evolving mankind and the modern amenities but still, so many might find peace sitting under a tree by themselves listening to the nature and talking to the wind, trees, and birds.

For some, smelling the soil, air and wet leaves and for others, feeling the warmth of the barks and textures of the rocks, maybe a variety of colours. Everything may bring the essence to Inner peace. Inner peace and relaxation are such significant notions that many may consider them a luxury. Forest bath in a way could be all about mirroring oneself in nature’s dimension. You walk around in a dense forest and just be.

You may understand other things as well like the exact rhythm of your heartbeat, perceiving your footsteps aren’t identical, your sense of smell gets heightened, your vision works in a strange way making you imagine the taste of an object far way untouched-unseen, and every touch makes you question.

We understand, for many, it may be difficult to even find a forest within easy reach but at the same time we have huge TV screens and there are options to experience this on-screen, the most authentic forest bath right in your living room.

For example, the Wellness Tours Co. is organizing a 70-minute virtual tour of Japan’s oldest dense forests live from famous outdoor spaces of ‘the gardens of hotel Chinzanso’ on 27th of May 2022. You can actually experience the forests hidden in Japan conveniently from anywhere in the world.

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Given the lifestyle and the ambition that drives everyone today, forest bath may open some possible doors to emotions veiled within.

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A good bath always has manifestations, illusions, daydreams and eye-opening realizations which can actually make you feel fresh and clean through and through; from inside to out. The sun, the moon, and the forest let them flow within you and bathe away.

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