Raw: Emotion on Paper

By Jo Phillips

We discovered Jodie Inkson’s 46 Heart project via the ’5-9 – A Collection of Creativity from Outside of the 9-5,’ brought out by the West of England Design Forum.

Jodie’s work is all about clever details, quirky unexpected design twists, always carefully crafted. Her personal project is distilled emotion on paper. And we urged her to tell us more about it.
Jodie says her obsession with typography began at school when she painstakingly hand cut every letter of a project. Later, she formed a creative agency Wire Sky in 2003. In her down time Jodie explores a plethora of personal projects.

Image Courtesy of Jodie Inkson

Jodie says: “When my father died earlier this year we discovered letters that he had written to my mother while they were courting (as they called it back then). I knew as soon as I saw them that I wanted to make something for mum. Something beautiful to bring comfort in solitude. I love the handwriting, the stamps, the postmarks – all signifying a time and place that came before my sister and I. Their devoted innocence spilling across each page. Each heart is made from three paper hearts all painstakingly cut by hand from scans of the letters, the originals of course too treasured to touch. It was cathartic, giving me time to think about dad. 46 hearts for 46 years of being together, a circle to symbolise their complete dedication.”


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In a world where we are bombarded by information, advertising and imagery the trend towards interactive activities is certainly here…

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