Raw: End clothing waste

By Angelina Puschkarski

We women tend to buy clothes which will  spend there existence in our wardrobes, with a tag on, unworn and forgotten until once a year we decide to tidy up and throw them away. More than 350,000 tonnes of garments, worth an estimated £140m, are thrown out every year, with around 63% of this ending up directly in landfill. An online clothes donating service ,’Clothes for Charity‘, offers a solution for those who have unwanted clothes to get rid of the wardrobe-clogging garments while raising money for a great cause.

Image taken from:http://www.nugentcare.org/fundraising/charity-shop
Image taken from:http://www.nugentcare.org/fundraising/charity-shop


Sophie Bell of ‘Clothes for Charity’ explains how it works:

“The figures relating to the amount of clothing thrown out every year are staggering, and we embrace the new initiative by these big retailers, which is encouraging more people to think carefully about how their dispose of their clothing. At Clothes for Charity, we pay £200 to charity for every tonne of clothing we receive, so for those who have a wardrobe that needs clearing out, there is an option that doesn’t include taking their clothes down to the tip and leaving them to have a damaging effect on the environment.”

In order to donate your clothes you simply order a bag online which then needs to be filled with as many clothes as you can get. All this will be collected (you need to arrange a collection date, also online) and weighed. You’ll then receive an email confirming that the money has been received by your chosen charity. This email also serves to reassure you that all clothes have ended up in the right place and are serving a great purpose, rather than taking up space in landfill.

Making the donation of clothes a more worthwhile prospect ‘Clothes for Charity’ pays £200 per tonne to a charity your choice.

So, dear wo(men), start donating and raising money for charitable causes!

More information on how to donate and order your donation bag visit: http://www.clothesforcharity.org.uk/ 

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