Raw: Snacks and Supplements aplenty

By Jo Phillips

As part of our ‘Raw’ themed health kick this month we were more than delighted to hear about some new raw snacks and supplements that are on their way to our high streets and hopefully straight into our hungry mouths…

First up is a soon to be launching (June 2014) ready to eat snack; “Emily Fruit Crisps” a new brand of vacuum packed, real fruit packs available in Apple, Banana and Pineapple.  (usually quite tricky fruits to freeze dry successfully)  Turns out that the innovative new way the founders – Emily Wong and Alex Ascani – have managed to cook and treat the fruit before packaging it means that the contents stay properly crisp, crunchy and we’re guessing, goddamn tasty.


If you’re more of a supplement fan, then take a look at Organic Burst – a range of superfood powder supplements including spirulina, baobab, maca, chlorella, wheatgrass and acai berry, each aimed at getting your body back in healthy business from digestion to increased energy, antioxidant boosters and even prevention against age…


Cent mag - raw superfoods - Organic burst
Brought to the UK by Katya Igumentseva and Dimi Stozinic the brand’s ethos is based on being effective, ethical and environmentally friendly.  These supplements can be mixed with water, added to juices and smoothies, sprinkled on cereals, porridge and yoghurt, or if you wanted to get a bit Heston you can create your own bespoke meal ideas.  Nom nom indeed.
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