Re-Vamp; ‘Store of the Future’

By Jo Phillips

We are in a generation where we’ve come to build a relationship and connection with our phones, and from acknowledging this, Farfetch the luxury retailer founded by Jose Neves, sparked a brilliant idea of seamlessly merging the real world with your online technology.


At the top of their game, the luxury company already sells stock from 400-plus boutiques and more than 100 brands worldwide, but they wanted to offer more and held a conference in the Design Museum called ‘Store of the Future’ and here they announced their futuristic idea.

Characteristics of the plan starts the merge of technology and store experience starts at the door as the customer will log in using a scanner on an app on their smart phone. This will let the sales assistants see your data collected online including previously bought and saved to wish list items, letting them get a feel for your style and make the perfect recommendations. The app even allows the customer to add the sales assistant on WhatsApp. These ideas all allow the sales assistant to provide the ultimate service instead of checking stock, looking for sizes as it will all be done for them through the advanced technology.

Clothing racks will become tech savvy too. Using specialised technology (RFID and ultrasound) everything a customer picks up will also be stored on the their app where they can later go back to and decide what they would like to buy or leave as opposed to carrying all the items in their arms.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall will be upgraded to a smart-touch mirror, allowing the customer to choose a different sizes or browse online for alternatives if their outfit isn’t to their fancy or pay all without leaving the dressing room.

Customer customisation is also a feature they will offer. A holographic display will give the options for customers to create and order custom shoes (different leathers, skins and colours). For this they have specifically paired up with the brand Nicholas Kirkwood.

They don’t stop their brilliant ideas at their doors; they come to yours as the company have announced that they are working with Kering-owned Gucci to provide 90-minute express deliveries in 10 cities.

The future is around the corner and the technologies announced are expected to be introduced later this year at the boutique Browns in London, and the flagship store designer Thom Browne in New York.

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