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By Shraiyash Uniyal

Movies are a constant display of what’s going on in our society. It has the power to spark discussions and create trends. And one intangible trend movies have always been inspiring is fashion. The relationship between fashion and movies has long been praised for creating some of the most iconic looks and clothing trends that have been part of our style for years. To know more about fashion inspired by movies continue here at Reel To Reality.

Normal belief implies that the runway determines the cinematic style when it comes to trends, yet history has shown that movies have a big impact on fashion. There have been numerous movies which have directly influenced the runway as well as our wardrobes.

Be it Breakfast at the Tiffiny’s or The Great Gatsby, there are so many films which have inspired and created chic fashion trends around the world.

One such movie is ‘She Will’, directed by Charlotte Colbert. Released in the year 2021 the film conveys the story of a woman with inherited trauma: from the persecution of the witch hunts to the violence inflicted on women throughout the world today. 

The sensitive issue addressed in the movie has ignited a streetwear brand which launches in December. Made in support of every woman in distress, the streetwear brand promises to hand over all proceeds to the charity – End Violence Against Women.

Modelled by Lily Cole, This streetwear range is an artistic expression of Charlotte Colbert who has also developed the seven initial pieces for the series. The apparels include a bomber jacket and a cap designed by New York’s legendary Clayton Patterson. Three S designed t-shirts by  Colbert and Ashley Williams along with a necklace and a brooch pin.

All items from the collection are available online and sold at The Horror Show!, running at Somerset House until 19 February 2023 where several of her artworks and props from the film are exhibited.  To know more visit Here.


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