Regal Fancy

By Adlin Pinto

There are a collection of objects we think of the world over, as luxurious, extravagant, and desirable. Perfume is definitely up there alongside diamonds, fast cars, and even horses. But what if a horse and perfume loving king was the inspiration for a fragrance line? How on earth do these two disparate factions come together? Find out in our article Regal Fancy

Well, it all started in the XVIIIth Century during the reign of King Louis the XVth in France. This country was the flagship for fragrances, with Grasse and Paris as its leading cities. Grasse where ingredients grew and were distilled and Paris which was the height of fashion and a very perfumed city. Especially so at the royal court.

Every day, the king requested a different scent for his apartments, and therefore streams of aromatic scents sprang from the ‘royal fountains’. So renowned for its fragranced extravagances, the court was named “la cour parfumée” (the perfumed court). Louis appointed the very first royal perfumer, to meet his every fragrant named, Jean Fargeon, who went down in history and the first ‘nose’ in the French Royal Court.

It’s amazing that these original fragrances are still around today. They are now conserved in the Louvre Museum in an area known as ‘La Cour Marly’ (a former court at the royal palace). And so we stake the claim in here, part one of where perfume and horses meet.

ASs far part two? King Louis XVth, it transpires, was equally obsessed with horses, as he was with scent, building the finest stables in the world at that time and becoming an expert in training and riding these noble beasts.

Moving forward several hundred years to 2009 Parfum de Marly has bought these two elements of the king together and created a line of fragrances inspired by the luxuries of this rather well-scented king. The horses the king so admired have become part of the bott le’s logo too.

Parfums de Marly initially revived the spirit of lavish receptions and festivities held in the Château de Marly, the former royal castle, held for those originally in attendance which included court members and and foreign dignitaries.

Founded in 2009 by Julien Sprecher, whose love of perfumes was passed down from his father, Parfums de Marly is a luxury scent company, conjuring dreamlike states with signature fragrances. Deep rich, filled with heritage accents, and deeply sensual luxurious notes that each build into a story as rich as the initial inspiration.

The house contains a selection of favourites that include:-

Sedley– A subtle mixture of classic and modern. The lightness of citrus sets off the power of mint. Opens brightly with crisp, sharp notes of bergamot, lemon, and grapefruit infused with mint. Lavender is clearly present in the heart of this fragrance and adds a sunny, almost ‘clean’ vibe. Rosemary brings a more masculine gourmet tone. The base consists of delicate woods and the musky combination of the wonderous cashmeran and ambroxan.

Layton– A strikingly rich oriental floral masculine fragrance, with deep woods, spices, and a sweetness in equal measures. The opening of Layton begins with delicious freshly baked apple pie and warming cardamom with hints of crisp citrus. A light floral heart provides soft notes of lavender and jasmine. The base is incredible, with smooth vanilla and deep woody notes.

Percival– A fresh combination of bright citrus and fragrant lavender on a spiced woody base that is exceptionally versatile masculine fragrance. An opening of crisp mandarin and bergamot initiate a fresh and energetic vibe, with lavender and geranium providing an authentic summer-time feel. The base is spiced woods and the slightly sweet and musky aroma of ambroxan adds depth to pull all the facets together.

Carlisle – An embodiment of light. Sunny and radiant. It opens up with sweet, spicy and fruity with a blast of green apple mixed with whispers of saffron and nutmeg. And the base is patchouli, tonka bean and rich creamy smoky vanilla.

Athalia– This scent boasts an opulent and highly feminine floral-woody-musky olfactory signature. Its heart combines powdery iris and delicate orange blossom enveloped in mysterious amber and caressed by white musk. A bewitching fragrance blending softness and sophistication.

Meliora– A delicate cocktail of fruit and flowers enchants with its romanticism. Top notes are Black Currant, Red Berries and Cassis; middle notes are Rose, Ylang-Ylang, and Lily-of-the-Valley; base notes are Vanilla and Musk.

Delina– This sensual bouquet structured with Turkish rose, lily of the valley and peony grows in strength and complexity through a fruity trio of lychee, rhubarb and bergamot spiced with nutmeg. The base notes of cashmere wood and musk give depth to Delina and make it a subtle yet mysterious fragrance.

Recently they have introduced new Delina collection.

Delina by Parfums de Marly is a Floral fragrance for women. Delina was launched in 2017. The nose behind this fragrance is Quentin Bisch. Top notes are lychee, Rhubarb, Bergamot and Nutmeg; middle notes are Turkish Rose, Peony, Petalia, Musk and Vanilla; base notes are Cashmeran, Cedar, Haitian Vetiver and Incense. A highly nuanced fragrance that is both soft and sensual, like a floral warming hug.

The brand has also unveiled a range of four ancillary products with the same sumptuous floral notes, to prolong the pleasure that includes; a body cream, a hair mist, and a scented candle.

Delina scented body cream, £70, 200ml: its smooth texture delicately works into the skin and envelops the body in a fragrant veil. Nestled in a pretty jar perfect for any dressing table, the Delina body cream is a charming asset for velvety skin.

Delina hair mist, £45, 75ml: this light, fragrant mist can be sprayed directly on to the hair or on to a hairbrush. Its compact spray format fits easily in a handbag for a fragrant touch-up at any time of day.

Delina scented candle, £65, 190g: a journey to the heart of the sensual and sophisticated world of Delina. This scented candle rekindles the pleasure of the eau de parfum through floral, woody and powdery notes that engulfs your interior in a mysterious and comforting ambience.

Delina hand cream, £40, 30ml: the creamy, yet non-greasy formula of this hand cream leaves the skin moisturised and hydrated while sensually scented with notes of our most loved feminine fragrance.

Through its original concept, Parfums de Marly rekindles the spirit of fragrances from the splendour of the Royal Palace of the XVIIIth Century, when the finest perfumes were created for King Louis XV.

Julien Sprecher’s passion for history combined with refined techniques has led to the re-creation of this infamous perfumed court. Parfums de Marly has cracked the code of mixing historic intrigue with contemporary style.

For more information about Parfums de Marly visit here.

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