Revamp; Hair Piece

By Jo Phillips

The seasons have changed and we are trying to keep up. Spring and summer clothes come out, new skin care to leave you feeling like a million dollars, but what is a masterpiece without the perfect frame?
Your hair is one of the first things people see, it’s like an accessory you always wear, changing to updos, the colour and cut, but let us tell you the secret to the gorgeous hair that frames your face… Keeping it healthy.
The change in season also affects your locks, but luckily for you, we have a collection of products for all hair types to keep everything in ship shape.

Firstly, one of the main battles your hair goes through is heat damage. Our advice? SHU UEMURA’s Blow Dry Beautifier, that’s also the first BB for your hair. It’s an innovative product inspired by the skincare and makes up hybrid, BB Cream. The Blow Dry Beautifier recreates the nude BB effect for hair, combining care and control for a flawless finish. No frizz, hair is light, soft and supple, and shape is memorised for long-lasting hold. Perfect for both blow-dry addicts and lovers of the natural look.

Blowdry_serum-02012017 (1)Dealing in the Art of Hair SHU UEMURA know that people have different hair types. Therefore, they created two formulas.

BB SERUM – For fine to medium hair, the airy, aqueous particles penetrate instantly and invisibly.

BB CREAM – For thick hair, a creamy formula that melts into damp hair.

Each Blow Dry Beautifier formula combines the ground-breaking fusion of naturally enriching Ginkgo Biloba extract and exclusive S.R.S® styling technology. Cherished in Japanese culture, the Ginkgo Biloba is a symbol of longevity and resistance. Known as the Maidenhair Tree, it harnesses the tree’s renowned protective and restorative properties.

Heat damage isn’t the only hurdle your hair has to jump. UV rays, humidity, chlorinated swimming pools and salt water can also be a little harsh resulting in the hair fiber appearing duller, colour fading, ends dry out causing split ends and scalps get irritated. Have no fear, Kérastase is here. To help combat this and to provide sublime hair protection, Kérastase designed the Soleil collection.

Kerastase - Soleil - Pot Masque EC1 602

Containing state-of-art technologies developed by the expertise of the advanced L’Oréal Laboratories, the Kérastase Soleil collection helps protect and repair your hair before, during and after sun exposure, no matter how colour-treated or sensitised your hair may be.

In addition to the repairing Soleil Bain and Soleil Masque, the range features two leave in, day protection products that fit perfectly in your handbag or beach bag, as well as a cream that protects from the harmful effects of chlorine. So whether you’re spending summer in the city, or by the beach, the Soleil collection will keep your hair looking smooth and shiny, even as the heat rises.

SOLEIL MICRO-VOILE PROTECTEUR – Day protection for coloured hair.

SOLEIL CC CRÈME – Contains UV filter, repairs oils, and IL Illuminating pearls for all hair types.

SOLEIL BAIN APRES SOLEIL – The hair bath that deeply cleanses and repairs hair after exposure to the sun, detangles and eliminates the build-up of sea salt, sand, and chlorine, on scalp and hair.

SOLEIL MASQUE UV DÉFENSE ACTIVE – The after-sun for your hair. A repairing mask that repairs coloured and weakened hair exposed to the sun.

SOLEIL AQUA SEAL SWIM PROTECTION CREAM – Protects coloured hair from harmful effects of Chlorine.

If you’ve dyed your hair, know to be a little bit more careful when exposing your hair to elements. To make sure you give it the right nurture ColorProof Evolved Color Care is a complete line of professional luxury products designed exclusively for color-treated hair. These next generation formulas combine the latest innovations in ingredient technology with best-in-class ingredients to create a new standard in colour care.


HumidityRx® Anti-Frizz WeatherProof Spray – Weatherproof your hair. This weightless frizz-fighting, fine mist spray repels moisture and
locks out humidity while extending your style all day long.

HardCore® Epic Hold Color Protect Hairspray –  This super-holding, fast-drying, backstage favorite designed exclusively
for color treated hair amplifies and provides long-lasting epic hold, humidity resistance, and brilliant shine, while strengthening and
protecting hair.

PlushLocks® Leave-In Smooth –  This frizz-defying, super conditioning miracle worker keeps hair smoother longer while protecting color

CrazySmooth® Extreme Shine Treatment Oil – Feather-light nourishing treatment instantly defrizzes all hair types taking shine and
smooth to the max.

RadicallySmooth® Anti-Frizz Serum – Instantly smooth, defrizz and add shine with this revolutionary serum that calms, controls and
protects for the ultimate smooth style.

Baobab Heal & Repair™ Shampoo – Rare essential oils to fortify and smooth while radically repairing damage and delivering astonishing health. Hair is reborn, revitalized and full of new life with maximum color and heat protection, with every wash.

SuperRich® Split Ends Mender – This super-charged, featherweight, bonding serum is clinically proven to repair broken fibers and seal split hairs by 94% in a single use!

CrazySmooth® Extreme Shine Treatment Oil – Feather-light nourishing treatment instantly defrizzes all hair types taking shine and
smooth to the max.

CurlyLocks™ Color Protect Curl Mousse – This genius foam mousse enhances and defines natural curl pattern. Our proprietary IllumaCurl
Complex™ delivers root-to-tip moisture and seals it in for spring-loaded, shiny, long-lasting, frizz-free curls with 84% better curl retention.
No sticky or crunchy curls.

Just like it’s good to give your body a detox sometimes it’s necessary to do the same for your hair. ONIRA ORGANICS does just that. Within 28  days of exclusive use hair will naturally detox and be free of synthetic and chemical ingredients. Hair is left free to absorb Onira’s unique plant and essential oil elixir that restores hair’s natural texture, condition,& strength and vitality.


This enables Onira devotees to safely bypass the damaging strip and coat cycle associated with harsh, cleansing sulphates and smothering silicones.

You have a wide choice of many products from

THE MASK – The ultimate nourisher. Tahitian Ginger, Shea Butter, and Argan Oil all restore strength to damaged hair.

THE OIL – A blend of seven natural and organic oils including Buriti Oil, with natural UV filter. Natural vitamin E offers antioxidant protection, alongside the restructuring properties of Tahitian Ginger.

THE NOURISHING SHAMPOO – Cleansing and nourishment combined, to comfort hair in need of repair. Extracts of Centella and Argan Oil restore strength to fragile, damaged or processed hair.

THE NATURAL SHAMPOO – Created for all hair types, this shampoo revitalises and regenerates.

THE DELICATE SHAMPOO – Formulated for sensitive scalps with Australian Tea Tree Oil, it purifies, soothes and caresses the scalp to eliminate dandruff.

THE CONDITIONER – The go-to finisher, this lightweight milk for all hair types, coats, smooths and detangles.
It is packed with protective antioxidants.

Now that your hair is all set, for summer, how about giving it a confidence boost? Infuse My Colour Shampoo in Platinum is a 100% vegan shampoo to neutralise yellow and maintain the brightness of grey, white blonde and highlighted hair. Use it to add mirror shine to washed-out shades. The fresh, fruit-scented shampoo locks in colour by smoothing the hair cuticle so colour lasts longer and stays looking fresh. Infuse My Colour contains no sulphates, parabens or silicone.


Down to genetics and human nature, a lot of us have hair in places we don’t fancy, especially during the summer it can get a little bit uncomfortable. If this rang a bell for you, how about t permanently eliminating unwanted hair, iluminage present the new PRECISE TOUCH Permanent Hair Reduction, an in-home hair removal system clinically proven to work on all skin colours and the widest range of hair colours – from the fairest to the darkest.  Developed with breakthrough, patented elōs technology that combines Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF), the tool allows you to achieve smooth, hair-free skin without pain.


With a process that lasts as little as thirty minutes, the device automatically glides and emits pulses of bright white flashes to indicate when treatment has started, and the elōs energy levels can be altered for a low, medium or high-intensity removal process. The only in-home treatment that delivers permanent hair reduction.


If lasers aren’t your thing Philips SatinShave Prestige Wet and Dry is perfect.The flexing curved blades are 75% more efficient than traditional ladyshave blades.



The soft-touch comfort cushions either side of the shaving head allow the shaver to move smoothly and feel gentle on your skin, especially in curvy areas. The rounded pearl-tip trimmer and the safety bars under the trimmer protect your skin from scratches for a comfortable shave. Its great for a gentle and comfortable use during your shower or bath routine with anti-slip grip for optimal wet and dry use.

Now that we’ve covered all healthy hair areas, maybe take a second look at all our body scrub and cream article to make sure you glow through this season, but also check out our summer nails ideas article because the full package is better than half.

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