Revamp; your rooms

By Jo Phillips

When it comes to home fragrances, there is one brand that is constantly a pioneer, and with their products featured in some of the world’s best boutique hotels CULTI MILANO have earned their star status.

Founded by former interior designer, Alessandro Agrati, the last 20 years have seen the Italian brand become a household name known for its originality and exclusivity of fragrances. The brand continues to trail blaze in the pursuit of captivating new fragrances.

CULTI recently exhibited their new collections, ALTEREGO and EBANO at the annual Paris and Milan trade events. The new line of products is inspired by travel experiences in the hope to spread the feeling of wellbeing in a calm environment. The ALTEREGO collection is available upon request, the collection is a range of home reed diffusers to scented candle jars that have a gold or silver leaf finish.


The ALTEREGO diffusers are available in fourteen different fragrances that are released into the air through the diffuser system using rattan sticks that disperse the scent throughout the environment.

CULTI MILANO_Ebano_B_2752_opt
CULTI MILANO’s second collection, the EBANO collection is a collection of scented candles that seduce the senses whilst illuminating the environment around it. The candles are made from hand-dipped wax in layer form with the harmonious blend of pure cotton wicks to ensure the release of wood essences that spread hints of freesia, vetiver, patchouli and sandalwood.

CULTI has continued to cater to its incredibly affluent clientele, consistently satisfying those with sophisticated tastes in ways that many could not have possibly imagined, one sniff of the brand’s home fragrances and your senses are excited with pleasure. You can always expect CULTI to come up with new and original ideas and that is why it is the well-respected choice when it comes to home fragrances.

The new CULTI collections are not available in the U.K yet but be sure to check out their website for more updates.

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