Review: Fight Fire With Fire by Calgary

By Pascal Ebner


A few weeks ago we introduced our readers to the new Indie Pop trio Calgary, who proudly present their brand new EP “Fight Fire With Fire” – a collection of four songs that are more than the typical Indie tunes you get to here these days. If you haven’t had the chance to read our Spotlight interview with Calgary – feel free to check it out here.

As you might have read in our interview, Calgary front singer Jakob Deist declined an offer from Britain’s Got Talent and has never once regretted his choice: the band creates formidable tunes – easy-going, cheerful and an on-going beat that will keep you moving. First single Fight Fire With Fire, sharing the album title, is the perfect example for Calgary’s catchy sound. With a summery feel and vibes that lighten anyone’s mood it was the right choice as lead single. Next track In My Arms proves how different Calgary’s Indie sound is compared to what you usually get to hear: More depth, more emotion – this song will not only ease the pain of heartbreaks but also impresses with great instrumentation and ambition.

Run Run, track #3 on Calgary’s EP, has this folksy feel that makes you want to go out right now and get into the summer mood – Deist convinces with his silvery voice and the chorus really forces you to sing along – if not… you better press repeat. Final song Shine is definitely one of our favorites – yet again Deist proves his vocal talent and is in perfect sync with the harmonic tunes created by guitarist Pete Wicker and bassist Kirill Teslia. It’s one of these tracks you put on your favorite playlist. Overall Fight Fire With Fire is all about feeling great, enjoying life and spreading the right vibes – even though it’s freezing outside this EP really brings the summer to your home. Want more? Calgary got a music video as well – check it out below.

Have a listen to their new EP “Fight Fire With Fire” right here:

If you haven’t seen their new music video yet – then it’s about time:

For more information and sounds on Calgary – check out their SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter. If you’d like to get to know the trio even better, make sure to click here to read our Spotlight interview.

“Fight Fire With Fire” is available now and can be purchased on iTunes.

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