Trip The Light

By Jo Phillips

The electric light is the simplest of artificial items we have in our world. Straightforwardly put it is a device that produces visible light from electric power. It is the most common form of artificial lighting and is essential to modern society. This basic idea of using electricity to create light was first investigated over 200 years ago by the English chemist Humphrey Davy. He showed that when electric current flowed through wires, their resistance caused them to heat up to the point where they gave out light. Not a perfect solution and an idea that was updated to get to where we are today. Trip the Light explores a new exhibition of lighting from God Own Junkyard at centuries-old Leadenhall Market.

Shimmering glass, wrought iron structures cobbled walkways, the City of London’s iconic Leadenhall Market that dates from the 14th century and has been featured many times as a film location. As part of an exciting programme of events and activities to inject a blaze of colour and joy back into the capital, Leadenhall Market will collaborate with Gods Own Junkyard on an immersive technicolour production called Electric City.

Gods Own Junkyard was established by Dick Bracey in 1953, producing neon for cinemas, casinos, nightclubs and fairgrounds, their journey in film started with Bladerunner. Although he has now passed his wife and sons keep the business alive and vital with their Walthamstow location.

This exhibition shows off just a handful of the neon lights made for films from Uk makers to Hollywood legends. From Judge Dredd Via Harry Potter, Eyes Wide Shut to s well as the likes of pieces from Batman, Tomb Raider, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and The Dark Knight will also feature.

Whilst the movie signs are not for sale, a walk-in installation and information hub, with selected pieces available to buy online will be open to the public on Wednesday to Saturday, with all purchases via a Shopify site and QR codes for in-person and virtual buyers. Further exciting events and activations will also be announced in June and July, once restrictions are fully relaxed from 21st June.

Electric City is part of an exciting programme of events and activities to celebrate the full reopening of Leadenhall Market’s 35 boutique retailers, bars, restaurants and cafes after restrictions on indoor dining lift in line with step three of the government’s lockdown roadmap no sooner than May 17th.

Leadenhall Market London,EC3V1LT. 26th May – 31st July 2021. Market accessible  24hrs Hub open Wednesday to Saturday, 11.30am – 7.30pm. Neon purchases

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