By Jo Phillips

For any serious photography and fashion fans, the exhibition of a lifetime is fast approaching with the V&A soon to present the massive vintage archive of Horst P. Horst  prints from the 1930’s up to the 50’s.

Horst was deeply interested in taking photographs of people, he loved to capture humanity in all it’s glory and beauty. He was fascinated with the female shape and his photography was for the most part, in black and white. By using a unique perspective of composition and illusion, Horsts’ images take the viewer to another place in time. Known for his ability to shape the shadows and light in a highly innovative way for his time, he illustrated a great eye for the beauty of a detail. The perfection and elegance of his subjects ensures the viewer will fall as in love with the subjects as much as Horst did himself.

Hamiltons represents Horst’s protégé, Cathleen Naundorf. The V&A exhibited her photographs of 1930’s couture evening gowns and some of them were taken by Horst himself. His influence is clear in her technique – playing with light and shadow. Professionalism of images drags you into the whole bohemia and beauty of the 1930’s. Being such a successful protégé and having a perfect sense in art, fashion & photography she stands out as an early star in the fashion world.

Salvador Dalí’s costumes for Leonid Massine’s ballet Bacchanale
Round the Clock, New York
Corset by Detolle for Mainbocher
Male Nude

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