ROOTS; De Staat

By Jo Phillips


De Staat, Popronde.

 Dutch band De Staat just released their fifth studio album, ‘Bubble Gum’. De Staat, consisting of lead singer Torre Florim, lead guitarist Vedran Mircetic, bassist Jop van Summeren, multi-instrumentalist Rocco Hueting and drummer Tim van Delft, got some international recognition because of their song ‘Witch Doctor’ and its hectic and impressive video featuring Florim standing in the middle of a circle pit consisting of hundred motion-captured men.

Their music is rock and roll, bombastic, experimental and they explore a multitude of themes and cultural references. The end of 2018 saw the release of the band’s two hit singles ‘KITTY KITTY’ and ‘Mona Lisa’. ‘KITTY KITTY’ is a maniacal track combining a killer bass and fragments of Trump’s speeches.  ‘Mona Lisa’ is somewhat slower in pace, but definitely not lacking in their characteristic dark tones and catchy bridges. After opening for The Rolling Stones and Muse, De Staat will bring their live show to the UK in February. You can listen to ‘Bubble Gum’  on their website.  

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