Ruby: There’s a Tinted Bite in the air

By Jo Phillips

There is a definite bite in the air this December, and it’s affecting our extremities.  We’ve got our hands and feet covered – literally, with some of the most fabulous gloves and shoes known to the high street, but what about your lips?  Short of wearing a balaclava every day – which let’s face it, isn’t overly glam or practical, we all need some protection, and thankfully some of our favourite brands have come to the rescue with a delightful array of tinted balms to soothe and nourish our often used, oft forgotten lips.  Here’s our reviews of the best lip protection around:

Cent - By Terry - Baume tint

Creative Director Jo tried out By Terry’s infamous Baume de Rose in Rose Babe (a soft pink).  She said of the balm: ” The moment I opened it up and was hit with a delightful soft rose smell which instantly put me in a good mood.  The texture is thick and waxy which means a level of effort is involved in applying it.  However it is glossy and goes on to the lip really well leaving only a hint of colour.  It feels nice to wear but my only slight downside is it needs a fair amount to be applied for it to feel like its having an impact.”

Cent - Rodial tintedYasmin one of our editorial team reviewed Rodial’s Glamstick in Blow.  (a bright pink) “The first thing that I loved about this product was the packaging. It came in a beautiful transparent casing which looks really modern and is the perfect size to put in your handbag or little purse for a night out. Secondly the product itself did exactly what it said it would do, instantly hydrates, nourishes and protects your lips whilst giving them a burst of colour. I only had to put it on once as the colour is really lovely and pigmented  and stayed on for hours. The balm itself tastes and smells like coconut which is lovely and fresh and it has cocoa butter as one of the ingredients. I have to say, I’ve already gone out and bought another colour.  Love love love!”

 Cent - Burts-Bees-Tinted-Lip-Balms

Sabrina working in the Fashion Team tried the Petunia lip balm from BURT’S BEES.  (a baby pink colour) “…great feeling when applying it on the lips, soft, gentle and doesn’t move especially when is cold outside.   I actually already have the sweet violet version, and I must say that both of them smell really nice and stay almost all day but for applying a couple of extra layers.  I really love these because you can also layer these up with makeup so that it will enhance the colour.”   Cent - Chantecaille -tinted lipscreen_ibiza Beauty editor Alexis trialled the Ibiza (a light coral) tinted lipscreen from Chantecaille. Containing an SPF of 20, she said “I felt this was a good daily lip balm and liked the subtle fragrance of mango to liven up the winter months.  My lips were much softer and remained moisturised although I needed a couple of applications during the day.  I liked the faint coral tint it had too and would wear this all year around – I think it’s great that it includes the SPF for additional protection from the elements.”

Nada on our fashion team used the Boho Balm from Mememe cosmetics and reported “This is actually a double use product for it works as a cheek tint as well as a lip balm.  I like how it’s composed of two different colours – bright pink and a cherry-like red. Mixing them together gave me the best colour result for my skintone and it’s nice to have that option.  The texture worked well on my cheeks and lips though it is probably better as a makeup item rather than specifically lip care.  The cute packaging means it can fit it in the smallest of bags so I can retouch on the go. The hint of floral scent is a bonus.”

Cent - Lanolips tinted lip balm

Our thoughtful artworker Dmitris gave the new tinted edition of Lanolips 101 Strawberry balm (a soft pink) to his girlfriend Kristina to trial and she reported back that… “Perfect for winter time. It really hydrated my lips and protects it.  These tinted versions contain 100% medical grade lanolin, vitamin e and real fruit extract – the strawberry also helps to exfoliate any dead skin and keep my mouth smoooth.  It’s a really nice pinky colour. Looks good for small gift or own usage.”

Cent - Benefit Benebalm tinted lip balm


Leah, from our editorial team tested Benefit’s Benebalm Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm in Lollibalm, and found this was a good daily lip balm.  “This is easy on the eye with its standout and visually appealing packaging.  The lip balm glides on easily, and made my lips softer the more I used it, and I only needed to apply it a few times throughout the day.  The light rose tint is a nice addition to the lip balm, and I particularly liked the fragrant smell to it.”


Cent - Dr Hauschka_Lip_Care

Our Art editor Angelina trialled Dr Hauschka’s Lip balm. (a nude)  “This is a brand I highly rate so I was excited to see how this worked.  It comes in a small pot.  It was little easier to apply than other lip balms I have.  I found it stayed on quite well and didn’t have to re-apply too often.  it glided on the lips well and felt more like skincare than other lip balms, but it did do a great job of keeping my lips nourished in some horrid weather. Thumbs up.”

CEnt - burberry - tinted - lip

Fashion Editor Laura tested Burberry’s version of a tinted lip balm; their Glow Lip Balm in Orange Poppy and discovered it had lavender in it as one of the key ingredients! “This has such great packaging, as is true with all Burberry items, but especially liked the tartan imprint on the lip bullet.  The smell reminded me when I was little – a sweet aroma.  Colour was nice, quite light, but lasted all day which I thought was great. You can always add more as it is a lip balm, and not lip stick, but my mouth felt really moisturised. This is a wicked addition to the lineup.”

Cent - Korres - tinted lip butter


Mary on our reader panel, used the Pomegranate lip butter from Korres. She told us: “This is a really pretty pot, and smells delicious and the gentle hint of red was lovely on me.  I was surprised to see how useful pomegranate is in the beauty world –  One pomegranate contains three times the antioxidant properties of red wine or green tea.  Korres, being a Greek brand, uses a number of ingredients synonymous with its heritage, and pomegranate has been grown in Greece since prehistoric times.  I found it to be very effective at moisturising my lips and adding some protection against the cold. It was quite a smooth and creamy consistency and I think this is due to the fact it has Shea Butter in it as well.  I have gone ordered another from their tinted range – so it must be good!”

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